Monday, October 15, 2012


Hi! Okay so I mentioned that I was having technical difficulties, yes? It turns out that my blog has reached the limit for the storage space. GASP I DID NOT KNOW THAT THERE WAS SUCH A THING. @0@ I looked for other hosts and found that Tumblr has no limit. I'm going back to Tumblr, folks. =)) Even though it hated me before T__T But oh wells. The thought of not blogging makes me uneasy. :)) And this blog is full of embarrassing stuff anyway =)) as in stuff that would make me go all WHY THE HELL DID I POST THAT??? EWWW!!!!! =)) so yeah. Fresh start :)

So here is my new blog. 

I'm doing it the WONG way

hahaha. clever :>

Hopefully, all ye readers would still follow me <3

Am experiencing technical difficulties.. will resume. Hopefully @_@

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bridal and Debut Fashion Show Part 1/3: Behind the scenes

So recently, Michelle Lim asked me and my friends to model for her at the bridal fair last Oct. 06, 2012 at the Market Market. It was such an honor for all of us!! AHIHIHI I've never expected something like this to ever happen to me! When her secretary texted me, I went cray cray. =)) OMGOMGOMGHAHAHAHA Up until now, I'm still in disbelief. 

In other news, it's finally sembreak!!! WOOHOO!!! I got a lot of stuff I can't wait to blog about! HEHEHE But for now, since I haven't been posting much lately, brace yourselves. Three posts in a row! Bragging rights. OHOHOHO 8D

Michelle Lim on the extreme right, organizing all the clothes we had to model. Gasp! She is cropped! :0

Dresses from both Michelle Lim and Emily Sy, her designer friend whom she had a duet show with


A sneak peak on Michelle Lim's collection for Philippine Fashion Week on the 24th :> Another great surprise is that SHE IS GONNA LET ME WORK WITH HER BACKSTAGE FOR PHW!!!! ASDFGHASDFGH OH EM GEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Le stage. Kinda weird coz it's a semi-circle stage, and not an actual runway :))

Make-up sponsored by Ms. Lani Mabilangan Ligot. She's the make-up artist for Project Runway. OH EMM!! SO MANEH AWESOME PEOPLE!!!


Out of six of my models from my debut, only two agreed to model. One is Tanya :) 

and another is Alaina <3

Backstage photos! 

Feeling whimsical fairies. =))) Just change the background into a gubat and add sparkles and wings AHAAHAHA

Ms. Emily Sy photobombing =))

Photos from Tanya's camera

Friday, September 28, 2012

What I had been up to

AHAHAHA weeee~~ I've been feeling quite inspired lately. Really can't wait for sembreak so I can work on my artsy fartsy projects already!! 8D But for now, nerd mode. 

In other news, next Saturday, I'll be modeling for the mall show of fashion designer (and my mentor for my debut show) Michelle Lim! <3 I'm so flattered. TEE HEE! Can't wait!!!!!! I won't be able to blog about it right away though. Finals week after that weekend! @0@

Just some photos from my phone coz I'm too cool for Instagram. Loljowk =))) 

So pretty <3 Our last chem lab experiment :< aaaww

A funny thing happened some time ago. A wild kitten appeared and slept beside my bag <3 <3 !!! SO KYOT!! MY GOODNEZZ!! We took so many photos of it WITH FLASH but it still wouldn't wake up! AHAHAHA whatta lovely surprise <3 

Secfield after SOMweek. DESTROYED @__@ One rectangular part of the field became albino because of the stage. SO COOL =))

Nuks I'm a film maker now <3 :> =))) Last week, I was recruited as Co-Production Designer for a thesis film of the some seniors (my prod heads!). Sucha stressful and wonderful experience it was! I just couldn't describe how the shoot went with mere words! @0@

Monitor for the camera

There was even a legit clapper! LIKE OMG. AHAHAAHA I wanted to play with it =))

The crew watching the on-going scene

The most fascinating thing ever!! It's the camera set-up!

LOOK! Train tracks for smooth movements!!! SO FREAKIN COOL! I WANT ONE!! AHAHAHA

The camera is a normal DSLR but the lens are ginormous!

LOOK!!!! SO COOL!!!!

I don't know if the seniors are gonna post their film though. If ever they do, Imma post it here too! Just coz I'm proud of it =)) hehehe

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Cab @ Trinoma!

I mentioned before that this month is hell for me because of school work overload and stuff... but yesterday, I made time to go watch the concert of my favoritest favorite of all time band, The Cab!!!! <3 !!! What made everything better was the person whom I watched it with - Katy!! 8D No, we didn't watch the Maroon 5 + The Cab concert.... <///3 but we settled for them free mall concerts :D which was actually pretty good! :O Here are some of the photos I took! :)

Matching shirts!!! OHOHOHO I customized our shirts for our Entrep Bazaar :> :> THE CAB, PLS COME BACK AGAIN!!!!! SOOOOOONN!!!! <3 <3