Saturday, October 08, 2011

it's called SENIOR SWAG

I'm not quite sure if this is legal to do in school but I think the whole senior swag concept has clouded our minds. =)) and so we did it anyway. =)) We planked. and we owled. And we took pictures coz we're cool like that. =)) It was an adventure! I LOVE IT. CAN WE HAVE A REPLAY? During fair, game? =D

This is Jem, getting ready to do the planking :O

Ting struggling to climb up the ledge. OHOHOHO such a disturbing yet hilarious sight


Owling at the SAC Roofdeck!

Hoot hoot.

How did this, as well as owling, become a fad anyway? =))

Photo op with the owls, P5.00 each! lolz Ge owes me P5.00 now..

... but she transformed into an owl =))

'='  =))))

That's me and my huge butt! =)) Rachelle's the one under coz she fits =))
A plank among the leather carpets..

It's ouchie to plank on hard spherical surfaces D;

Che the owl and her plank, Jem =)

You guys don't look like owls! You're more of squirrels =))


More people joined us in the plank-owl mania =)

even our shobes, Julia bakla and Anika bakla, planked with us :) psst, look at that girl on the far right.. =)) FAIL MARTHA.

ay karamba! =) lets do it again!


As promised, this entry is once again about our Intramurals \:D/ epic epic day. OK here's the thing. I'm procrastinating right now. I have a million things to do in sooo little time but I just can't bear not blogging today. So yeah. Not gonna write what happened during the intrams in full detail. :P All I can say is... we were CHAMPIONS. oh yeah~

with bakla JULIA NOEL <3 MWAH

Senor Teb, unusually girly Katy and weirdo me =))

Best fight ever! like woah. My heart was.. pumping adrenaline non stop.

mga loka-loka =)) Che, Colesy, Conch. Woow triple C :>
... is it me or is it really coool here? oh wait, it's you =)

mga loka-loka part 2! =)) featuring the letter Y, the star and the runner

I feel like such a stalker taking a picture of a random stranger's bag.. =)) IT'S CUTE, OK??

Feeling drummer girl. geez. =))) di talaga eh... =))

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Love you like a love song baby~

It is the first day of October.. and now I'm seeing how busy I would be this month. :O oh my.. with exams, DLSUCET and fair goin on plus, goodbye leisure time and hello cafe latte! <3 mmm.. cafe latte heals my soul. -u- stress relief. And effective anger-mollifier whenever a particular person messes with you and your friends AND BACKSTABS ALL OF YOU BUT STILL HAS THE GUTS TO ACT LIKE SHE'S HELLA INNOCENT AND ALL THAT. @___@ bato bato sa langit... omg. I need my coffee! It makes me manhid. =))

How timely. We have a homeroom project due on Monday. Our class hasta make some sorta stress relief kit. Each group is obliged to actually create one unique thing to be put in the kit. My group is composed of my dear darling friends <3. One day, we were randomly making pick-up lines (as usual) just for the heck of it. Then we thought about making barkada shirts with pick-up lines printed on em.. someone suggested that we should sell em and make a million bucks =)) but we ended up agreeing that we just do it for our homeroom project. :P libre lang mangarap!

Credits to Clarissa Ting for the free shirt :)

FRONT--> four-leaf clover ka ba?

BACK--> feeling ko kasi ang swerte ko nung nahanap kita e <3

translation: "Are you a four-leaf clover? Coz I feel so lucky when I found you <3"
One of my original pick-up lines :) hihihi I'm so amused with iron-on papers.. cool yo. Pricey, but cool. B-) And now goodbye blogosphere! I'm off to sew upholstery but like Gen. Douglas McArthur once said, "I SHALL RETURN!"