Sunday, July 08, 2012


My friends saw my post on menswear, and some surprised me big time by asking if I could help them with their own fashion crisis. I AM HONORED. and KILIG. So here's a post for one of my close friends, CV! 8D

CV says..

college (and practically everywhere) wardrobe no-no's:
very short shorts
camisoles and tube tops
anything revealing

her style: "I naturally dress like a nerd and really neat and clean. Clean preppy Japanese"
                     Library dress code. =))

her dilemma: "that doesn't work in college! How can I dress trendier without freaking out the conservative family?"

I say..

oh wow. CV darlingsss, we actually have a similar case here. I'm not allowed to wear shorts in school too. HUHUHUHU it sucks coz the weather's always so hot!! Anyways, so what to do with limited choices? Maximize em! 8D I believe that the person who can stretch and find ways to innovate what he already has is much better than the one who already has a lot. Gets ba? AHAHAHA 

  • First thing's first. I stress the importance of fit. It should both look and feel good on you :)
  • Know your body shape and how to dress up accordingly. I think you are an inverted triangle with a high waist.. and legs as your asset :-bd Rule of thumb: Highlight assets, hide insecurities :)
  • Know your style. :) You already do.. but you just want to "enrich" it, yes? Hmm.. I can't really dictate to you exactly what you should and should not wear. =)) and soooo, I suggest you try out new things. Like.. have you ever wanted to wear <blah blah blah> that ain't gonna overwhelm people? Experiment in a subtle way and of course, without ruining your CV-ness. :) That's how you create/enrich style. Experiment to see what works out for you. :) BUUTTT if you don't really know how, start with accessories. :) or shoes 8D
  • These are what I see you wearing... and I don't know why. I just do. HAHAHHA
*pastel/light-colored pants!! DIBAAA?? 8D but but.. I can't imagine you tucking in your shirt though.. See for yourself if it would work. :)) 

*loose and long tops but not too long! Your legs might appear shorter. And and they might look so baggy on you. I say, if a top is constructed to be a top but is as long as a dress, it's a no-no. But but the picture below works. The length is, however, on the borderline. Pair with tights/skinny jeans for balance. :)

*mid-length shorts look kinda sporty.. and we all know that CV, you are not. =)) But that doesn't mean you can't wear em! Just pair em with a dainty top :) 

*If cool weather or in air conditioned room, pants + knit sweaters/jackets. 

*dresses with black tights. If you feel the need to be a little bit dressy.. :> very very chic <3 Oh and the dress should be A line :) 

This ends here! Hope I helped you the way you wanted me to! AHAHAHHA weee~ goodluck, bebe gurl! and if you want a shopping buddy, you know who to call :>

Next stop: Tebbie. 8D

For those who want me to write a guide for them similar to what I just did ^, don't hesitate to PM me ;)

*pictures are not mine


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