Sunday, July 22, 2012

ASK WONGIE: Tebbie Part 2

How to be a "stylish nerd"? 8D


Here are a few stereotypical nerdy pieces:
-glasses (the hipster kinds are not really nerdy. They're just feeling nerdy. There's a difference :P )
-bow tie <3
-button-down shirt - either short or long sleeves
-ill-fitting somewhat loose trousers in different shades of brown
-knee-high socks
-ugly shoes

Dear nerds and feeling nerds, you don't have to follow these things! I will have you arrested if ever you do. =)) And by golly, do you want to be beaten up by stereotypical jocks?? =)))) I kid. Anyways, the trick in pulling off the nerd look is not going all the way. BALANCE. Your goal here is to dress nicely with a touch of nerd. :-bd 

So how?? 

Mix nerdy and non-nerdy pieces together, that's how! 8D But mind you, pls choose good-fitting pieces. -__- I know nerds are popular for wearing ill-fitting clothes but DON'T YOU DARE. 

Examples from Lookbook :)
nerd factor: button-down shirt + brown bottoms

nerd factor: everything. But what's great about this is the individual pieces are constructed so as not to give too much nerd vibes. For example, the shirt is so prim and proper but when you look closely, the first button is located really low to give off a nice sexy effect. hohoho :> 

nerd factor: shirt + socks + shoes

nerd factor: shirt + shoes + length of pants

nerd factor: bow tie + glasses (too girly for you, Teb. lolzz)

Dear Teb, 
Katy says you don't dress like a nerd.. but you got some nerd vibes going on.. so I guess you are on the right track. =)) I still think you dress like an Asian nerd tourist though. =))) (not that there's anything wrong with that) Tebbie, I could never find the perfect picture that matches your Teb-ness. You are very unique :) and your sense of style is too so i can't really tell you how to dress up =) hehehe 

<3 Wong~


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