Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Life of a College Babe~

Hey everyone! :D I feel like I should update you guys on what's happening in my life. Well, college has been keeping me busy. I choose to spend my little free time advancing on stuff so I'd spare myself from the ever-dreaded Hell Weeks. We're currently tackling high school lessons. Piece of cake, right? HA! That's what I thought! -__- but still surviving though. Not really getting my hopes up for being DL. 
; __ ;

As for my extra-curricular activities, I gotz no DG now :< but I was able to get in our film org's production core! 8D The Loyola Film Circle is now the one taking much of my time. :)) Aside from that, I also joined the Ateneo Management Association (AMA) and the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association (AJMA). :-bd so stereotypical for a Chinese.. -__- =))

PARTIES!! There are parties/events EVERY week! Like woah. Of course, I didn't attend all of them. =)) Priorities.. priorities.. :-?

Hmm what else? So far, I'm loving Ateneo (despite them being sooo reluctant to suspend classes on a very stormy day and letting students be blown away from the semi-flooded campus). :D MAGIS. \m/

There was a time I brought my Amore to school. But I didn't dare take outfit shots like I initially wanted to. HAHAHA I'm shy :"> =)) But I did take some shots around the school.

The Church of the Gesu

Zen Garden + Gonzaga Hall

There are always people dancing here :))

My Math building

Kitten stuck in a tree!!!! asdfghasdfghj

Cat nursing her cute widdle kitties behind a vending machine <3

Cheer Rally!!

My UAAP Superstar blockmate Kris Porter ohohohoho :>

Me and Mangune derping around :D He's one of the few from my kada who went to ADMU :<

Photos from Chris!
Shayne lives in a mansion. Nuff said. @_@

blockmates! 8D Oh noez! Lexi is cut! :0

I can sense the sabaw-ness here =)) before math class! OH NOEZ BOOLA MOOLA GOOLAA!!

Ooohh I'm so mysterious~~ =))

Me and Chris!! My new boyfriend bestie :D

AHAHAHA Cover photo for our magazine for En 11. Combination of all our topics - fashion, vampires, gym culture, hipster culture, Facebook and memes. SAMBADEH PHOTOSHOP A MEME ON MAH SHIRT!

As for fashion, I've been repeating clothes now :)) 

brother: "di ka ba nauubusan ng damit??" -______-

I don't have unlimited wardrobe!! ; __ ; So I layer a lot so it won't be noticeable when I wear some things over and over again :)) I'm still stuck with wearing pants.. or anything that covers til the knee though - except from some occasional days when the "authorities" were not around TEE HEE. But psshh... I don't have to bare so much skin to be stylish~ :>


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