Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Fashion Show Concept

Ok so most of you (whoever you are. lolz) probably know that I had my own fashion show during my debut, mentored by a well known local designer, Michelle Lim. So here's a feature!

I remember my first debut related visit to her office. I was going to let her design my debut dresses with the side intention of asking for her assistance for the fashion show. My mother, being my unofficial publicist (you know how mums can be), started telling her my plans about the show. She, in turn, was quite interested in my mediocrity. It was a complete coincidence (not!) that I brought my initial designs with me. I reluctantly showed em to her, thinking that she's so awesome and I'm so not talented enough and everything... -_-

And guess what? She rejected them. BUT she rejected them in such a way that it didn't sting. I didn't even realize it til I was just daydreaming in the car. =)) She rejected em mainly coz I had no theme in mind. And so she briefed me on how to create a concept for the collection and everything.. and that it is mandatory to have an inspirational board wherein you can stick pictures and materials you find quite interesting.. then you build up from there.

Rewind to when mummy was telling her about the fashion show idea. My eyes got all @_@ when she suddenly said that she'd guide me in the whole process. We didn't even ask her! @0@ or was she sensing our intentions? =)) Whatever it was, I don't care anymore. She agreed to mentor me and that's that. :)

She was very hands on. Despite her many appointments, she never failed to assist me and stuff. Had it not for my super exagge busy schedule, she would have personally accompanied me to pick out materials for the collection. ; _ ; missed a big opportunity right there Y_Y T_T BUT she did accompany me to buy some accessories to further jazz up the outfits. :) At least :-j

So anyways, I came to her around December. I revised the designs and all but they were further edited. Even at the last fitting of the models, some were still tweaked a bit. =)) The initial designs looked totally different from the outcome. I guess it's normal. :)) It seemed so perfect in my imagination, but when you create it, you start seeing all the details you've missed and you realize that sometimes you won't always be able to make something look as perfect as it was in your mind.

January to March, fittings, editing, styling all the way. A week before, we had our photoshoot for the AVP :) (pictures will be posted soon). On the day, she and the models had a rehearsal. I was busy having a photoshoot with the photographers :)) missed another opportunity right there! Y_Y hayz. I wasn't able to watch the show pa coz I was backstage. -_- 

I say.... every time I go to her place, I get a bundle of inspiration. When she talks, she really knows what she's talking about. I was all @0@ when she told us stories of when she just started in the industry. I got even more @U@ when she gives hints that she might get me as an intern or something when she's gonna join the Phil. Fashion Week again. <3 <3 <3 My heart jumps for joy for that day to come. :)

the inspirational board. Ok I cheated. I made this AFTER the designs were finalized. I was gonna display it eh! =)) But I got my inspirational board right here *points at head* :) 

This is the picture of the board after the debut. It lost a number of thumbtacks and pictures but it still survived. =)) There used to be gold chains draped around but.. it died. =))

very very wordy post. Problem? :>


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