Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Summer Night

Yesterday, I went out with my friends to Serendra, Bonifacio Global City. Our purpose besides bonding with each other? PHOTOSHOOT. \m/ yes, my friends and I are camwhores. -u- ALAVET. There wasn't a specific theme though. Ann just asked us to dress up. That's it. Okaaayy, I said, being the typically eager beaver again. *u* soo, we just went around the place and took pictures wherever we felt like. We also experimented on our cameras and exchanged photography tricks. OHOHOHOHO THE WONDERS OF PHYSICS~

Candid shot. I look so emo and forever alone. See the wide gap between me and Ann? And the expression on my face as she fiddles with Amore? =)) And so, I edited the picture in accordance :))

Me and mah friends <3

 Another candid shot!

 PHOTOSHOOT in progress~

 Ge <3

Textures~ I am currently in love with em right now (as well as peacock stuff and it breaks my heart to leave a store without buying em!). There's crochet, knit, net, embroidery, lace, sequins... even the smallest of details like the ridges of the belt, softness of the cami, etc. People may not notice these little things but as they say, the important thing is the satisfaction of the wearer. -u-

This look reminds me of summer nights. The textures remind me of summer, in general, coz that's what people usually wear on the beach. However, the sequined skirt and the animal print heels remind me of partying~ yeaaah~ 

Finally got to wear the skirt I made just a week ago... AND wear it for a photoshoot! 8D ME GUSTA -u-

Jem and I~ 

Photobomb lvl: 9000. =)) There I was trying to have an emo I-AM-REFLECTING-ON-LIFE shot.. but my friends wanted to be trolls.. =)) AHHAAHAHA you guys are sooo cute!! =))) And yes, I changed to my jeans here coz I didn't feel like wearing a miniskirt. WHAT IZ HAPPENING TO ME?? Usually, I'm the one who wears above the knee stuff! Parallel universe...

There we go.. :D

After strolling around, we partied like hell in Seventh High til early morn. Just kidding! =)) We just played more with our cameras and the colorful lights from the fountain. It looks like we're partying, right? yeeaahhhh~~~~

Spotted: Nicole Wong - celebrity fashion icon, stylist, blogger, photographer, designer, it girl, blah blah blah blah blah

Rachelle, my anak <3

 Here I am hoping that we would have more bonding times together and that college won't be able to let us drift away. Next stop: THE SPA <3


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