Monday, April 02, 2012


Yeah. I'm so gonna flood this blog with debut related posts.. =) Note: Just so you'd focus on the dress and not my silly facial expressions, I've inserted smileys to cover my beautiful fez. =))

Ok anyways, when I went to Ms. Michelle Lim's office (?), she told me that I needed an extravagant dress AND a "casual" dress. She left me in charge for the design of the latter.. and here's what I came up with.

very rough draft. It's quite obvious that I got lazy to 'career' the sketch, afraid that it's just gonna be rejected like my other sketches =) lolz. But it wasn't! @0@

I actually thought of this idea a long time ago (specifically during the Ateneo Admissions Talk last year :P). Then I just built up from there.. and focused more on the small details.

I wanted a textured red dress with sheer purple draping and appliques.

What I got was something similar and better.. as shown in my previous post and the photos below.

A rosette dress with sheer draping. Similar :)) No appliques anymore. The dress was already stunning as is. :)

Photos are not mine :)


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