Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yesterday, one of the glories of senior year took place - the Freshman Welcoming Rites. It's where the Achies (us seniors) welcome the shobes (freshmen) to highschool and form a bond with each other. :) We even have to dress our fabulous shobes into costumes following a certain theme. This year, it was AROUND THE WORLD. Our class, Charity, got Le Fabulous ESPANA. It was a fun-filled day and it finally dawned on me that we are the seniors now. :O

That's me during the skipping game! The people said they were distracted by my colorful ruffle attachments on my legs =)) kind of blurry here in the picture

Me with Annie Babes :> :>

With Aimee :D cutie patootiee

ANNOYING. but wat da hell =))

Oh yeah B-) Mind the words encircled or underlined. Graziel Tan is my adorable vegetarian shobe :) So glad I ended up with her :) She so sweet and nice <3 I shall post a picture of the 2 of us as soon as my friend Ge uploads them. :) I shall also post a DECENT picture of this chick named Julia Noel. She's one hell of a BAKLAKEKONG. =)))) Over the top. Hands down, yo. As in WOAH. Rainbow gayness overload!! Alaveet -u-

Charity + Prudence = Charidence <3
Love you all :) Welcome to the family, loves!

Photo courtesy of Kim Co and Ann Ong :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'll take my chances :)

Last week a text from my dad who was in Hong Kong then, greeted me. It says that he bought me a new Canon 600D. That totally made my day. :) I started thinking about my new camera then and what wonders I will create with it.

As you can all see in the picture above, I named my new camera AMORPHOUS FREON or AMORE. =)) When I was taking up Chemistry in junior year, those two words really "captured my fancy". I love how they sound and how they bring such exoticness. I was meaning to name that to my future son but luckily for him, my camera was the one "victimised". Well, that name is quite masculine actually.. that's why I was caught off guard when a pretty pink and white bag came with it =))

Anyways, I made use of the long weekend doing all sorts of stuff. One thing was finishing my entry for the batch production crew auditions. We had to fill in a write-up and submit a banner and logo design for our batch Zenith's intramurals this year. Results aren't in yet; so, my fingers are still crossed. :O Ever since I was a freshman, I've been wanting to join that group but sadly, I didn't qualify. This year, even though I have a lot of DG stuff in my  hands, I still hope to pass. Here's my entry:
I don't consider it as a masterpiece though. Hope it's good enough :P As said in the title, I'LL TAKE MY CHANCES.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

isSHOES of the world part 2

Wow. I did not expect my article on shoes to be this lengthy :)) CONTINUATION

*platforms - ultra fabulous. These are a product of deception. It looks as though it's so hard to wear because they are sky-high but in reality, when you have the right proportion of heel height and platform height, your feet may not even have to be that pointed. Very cool.

*pumps - These are anything with a closed back and low-cut front. In short, they are just heels. =)) They are usually unadorned with doodads or any of that sort but they are now seen with details like buckles, straps and some designs at the front. I like my pumps to be round-toed and made of suede-y material.

*saddle shoes - often called as oxfords but in reality, they are just a type of oxfords. :P They are two-toned shoes with a saddle-shaped panel in the middle, as the name implies. Color combinations ranges from black, white and brown but nowadays, I see pairs which have different colors and prints on them. Like oxfords, they are gorgeous with shorts.

*square-toed shoes - They are anything with a square shaped end. They are widely popular in the 60's. :) These are shoes you don't normally see everyday. But I do hope that this would become a trend someday.

 *sling backs - I'm not a fan of these but I don't hate them either. They're moderately ok. Some hurt the back of your feet while walking though. The strap behind acts like a seatbelt. It keeps your foot in place but it also restrains your foot from any more movements. I personally think that sling backs add sophistication.

*stilettos - the all-poplular stilettos are shoes with very thin and very high heels so they're very very sexy. It's challenging to wear these because you have to literally balance the ball of your foot on a stick. As with other heels, please please do not wear these when it just rained. You will sink in a matter of seconds on a muddy soil and will risk your fabulous and pricey stilettos to get wet, muddy or worse, stuck permanently on whatever.

isSHOES of the world

 Based on a shoe story.

Get it? =)) I really should stop incorporating the word SHOE to generally-known statements. :P so anyways, in case you have not noticed, this post is all about shoes! GASP. =)) I promise a more personal post with my own pictures next time :P A few days ago, I was inspired to write about shoes, bags and accessories for some reason.

SHOES IN GENERAL. I love em. They can make or break any outfit. Each pair has its own "personality" and it's up to the wearer to match em up. For uncomfortable ones, I say, aesthetics is never said to be painless. But it does give me a bundle of bliss when I acquire a pair that doesn't hurt. :)


*ballet flats - This is my favorite kind of shoes. It is very feminine and gives a cutesy look especially when paired with skirts and shorts. These are for casual get-ups but can be worn for formal events too. Their level of elegance is somewhere in between that of the sneakers and heels.

*boots - my second favorite be it ankle, calf, knee or thigh high. Suede ones have always captured my heart but I also love those made of leather. I'm not very fond of cowboy boots though. I do not like those rain boots either. :\ I like my boots in a classic color like brown, black and white. Boots with faux fur also makes me all *u*. I prefer boots to have 2" heels at most or no heels at all. But what contradicts my statement is the fact that I have a pair that is sky-high made of black patent leather. I call em my Catwoman Boots! They are an exception. I rest my case.

Boots look adorable with tights, be it skinny jeans, leggings, stockings or socks. Wear em with a short casual dress too to look extra extra chic. :) It doesn't have to be winter/autumn to wear these fabulous things. Too bad people here in the Philippines are not used to seeing others wear boots. You often get "the stare" when you dress up out of the ordinary. :O

*sandals - 3rd favorite. I like em flat, strappy and chic. I like gladiator-ish or feminine. Sandals are a very casual and outdoorsy footwear. I think they go great with absolutely everything (well, depending on its personality and all).

*boat shoes - these amuse me. Well, a lot of things amuse me.. but still. These shoes are originally for men. Sailors, actually. It's one of those things that people innovated as a fashion piece then later on, altered it a bit to make it wearable by women. Again, very casual and gives the sporty vibe.

*kitten heels - I abhor these. I personally think that if shoes (except boots) should have heels, they should have at least 2". Not so chic, for me. Get them away from me =))

*Mary janes - I love theesseeee. They're so cute :) Gives off the innocent school girl look. They look great with knee high socks, short skirts and tops with peter pan collars. =)) They don't look great with everything though. They might make you look like a nerd or something.

*mules - I do not like mules either. They are backless shoes with a closed toe. Period.

*oxfords - These are lovely. Similar to saddle shoes. These are laced shoes usually made of leather and are originally for men. Oxfords can be designed as a 'fusion' of spectator shoes and wingtips. Can be both formal and casual. Very gorgeous when paired with shorts. :)

*peep-toe heels - Basically these are heels with a small opening in front to let your little piggies breathe. :) Very very chic. It looks formal if it's made out of shiny or velvety material. It can be for casualwear too but it's still rather dressy.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Force is powerless to stubborn minds

I had a photoshoot again! It's been a while since my last but what inspired me today is not really all that good. A conflict arose between me and some friends and I just gotta take my mind off of everything. Anyways, we're going to have a nice family dinner here tonight to celebrate Father's Day. Advance Happy Father's Day to all daddios out there! :)

I feel like wearing my highwaist skirt today. I adore its very silky texture and how it makes you look like you have a Coke bottle figure because of the tight waistband and the pleats. =))

My hair has been short for a while now. I cut it with the use of my special layering scissors I got from Japan Home because I was inspired by my friend's Japanese-Korean hairstyle. His hair left me astonished. O_O

This outfit can be worn by girls who have a rectangular or inverted triangular body shape because of how the skirt flatters a woman's figure. And girls who are not that gifted (like me!) can wear this because the shirt has a very low neckline and it is tucked-in. I noticed when tops are tucked-in, it's more flattering in that aspect. ;> ;> yes yes? Oh and the heels lengthens and tightens the legs. Berets also adds life to hair. ;> :)

Can you tell I was feeling a bit hyper? :P

Love how my hair falls in place most elegantly here. :)

red wool beret from Paris, France
plum tube top from Zara
white printed top from Zara
red highwaist skirt from Forever 21
black waistbelt with butterfly detail from Zara
red pointy-toed heels from Payless

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Independence Day!! :)

As of the moment, I ran out of things to blog since recently I've been feeling so dead inside and lost inspiration to have photoshoots or to take pictures of neat things to post here. But I gotta keep this blog alive! =)) so now I'm going to blog about arising trends I noticed.

*BLACK TIGHTS - ok this trend has been going on for quite a while now. Ever since I went to Taiwan, I saw a lot of people wearing black tights of various styles. It amused me a lot coz it looks so Asian and chic. That's why I bought a lot there :)

 Wear it with everything be it short or knee length shorts, skirts, dresses, shirtdresses, long shirts, etc. It looks chic and not too punk. It adds the necessary pizzazz to your outfit. Style ranges from sheer or opaque, embroidered, stockings or socks, with a touch of colorful accents, length variation, shiny or matt, leather, texturized, fishnets, tattered, lacey, opaque with sheer details... those are the things I have listed down during my Taiwan trip. Yes, I actually LISTED down. =)) It's weird to take pictures of random people, ok? You might be mistaken as a criminal or something. Don't wanna risk that. =))

Oh and what surprised me is the observation that people there do not wear leggings anymore. I only saw one or two people who daringly wore leggings in public out of a thousand. Wow. To think that almost everyone I know used to wear leggings all the time.. and now that trend is dying.  O0O what am I going to do with my many many leggings in my closet..?

Here are pictures I got from the internet :)

* FLORAL BUTTON DOWN SHIRTS - I noticed that there are a lot of these in stores right now. The most common ones are slightly wrinkled and with long sleeves. People usually wear it tucked in denim rolled-up shorts with an earthy or funky belt. I'm not really a fan of this fad coz I don't think it suits my style. :) but I still think it's chic when others wear it, not me.

A long time ago, the plaid button-down shirt was in and now, floral takes over.

* SATCHELS - usually floral. First of all, I don't get why there are limited pictures available of satchels in the internet.. Anyways, these are super cute! Very feminine. I think the satchel has masculine features but the floral ones softens the overall design of the bag. See the contrasts between the two pictures below. I've been meaning to buy one but mommy already bought me a lot of bags lately.

So there. These are just the top 3 things I noticed. Ah, fashion. what wonders it brings to my life. :)

Oh boy..

ok. I'm going to take a break from writing about me or fashion for a little while. This post is mainly about my Cbox. It's the little yellow box in the right that enables people who don't have a Google account to post their comments there. I installed it for the purpose of my friends or people I personally know to comment or something. Yeah well as you can see, none of them ever posted there. Instead, strangers do. I mean, I don't mind random people to post there or anything. It's just that it's weird how some of my friends suddenly tell me they have visited my site and blabla but they never posted in the Cbox. HAHA. THANKS YOU GUYS. O__O =)) And so I conclude that if no one I actually know posts there, I will have to take it out. Bye bye Cbox.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Senior year will start in 5... 4... 3... 2.. 1...

Senior year. 2 days from now.. we will be seniors.. having bloody CET's and being on top of the school food chain. They say time flies fast. . but they never said it's THIS fast. :O So anyways, I already packed most of my school stuff coz I'm going to be out with my friends tomorrow which is the last day of summer. I'm using this pink oversized bag I got from Gap coz it fits everything. like.. everything + a lot more extra space. *thumbs up

You might say "wth. Then don't bring everything on the first day so you won't have a hard time carrying all these nosebleed materials at once.." Yeah. True but I want to feel light as a feather the next day :) so I shall bring everything and stuff em all up in my locker. Besides, I could use the extra muscle work :)

Side view

file case, check. Starbucks planner, check. notebooks with green advocacies, check. Nerds' bestfriends AKA books, check. Miscellaneous, check. Allowance, to be followed ;)

Like Mr. T, I PITY THE FOOL WHO would have to conquer all these brain-contracting matter humans call as textbooks! Oh wait.. that's me :<
I shall conquer you all! You shall be my WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) for them CET's. Meet Geometry, Chemistry, English, Filipino, Physics, Biology, Algebra, Trigonometry and other soldiers. O__O

Post-it I stuck on one of the books for some inspiration :P


WAYFARER, the DG summer workshop 2011 culminating activity, featured various forms of theatre from different countries. First up was Bloody Mary from England, I believe. It was an absurd kind of play which is about a one-armed and one-legged man named Joe who saves the life of a wounded woman named Mary. We also had 2 numbers of Japanese theatre exhibiting Tadashi Suzuki's acting method. There were comedy readings on the politically correct versions of the 3 little pigs and little red riding hood. Lastly, we had France's The Pretentious Young Ladies which was what I wrote about in the previous posts.

This adventure was surely a blast! Although we committed a lot of mistakes, I still believe that the show was a complete success. After curtain call, the audience were greeting us congratulations and praising us all for our awesomeness. ROCK ON. All our hardwork was paid off.. :)

Meet my other bestfriend, theatre lights control whachamacallit :) Together we light up the stage! Literally =)) I can establish the mood of the scenes with this baby :) as well as make disco lights at fast dance numbers. 8D

Here is Tanya (the Viscount de Jodelet of Pretentious Young Ladies) with her powdered wig made of cotton balls and shower cap :)

people rehearsing Bloody Mary

From left: Me (STRAWberry), Bernie (sticko) and Teb (patatim) reading The Politically Correct Version of the 3 Little Pigs

2nd Suzuki number. That's me! The geisha wearing a sash around the waist and fanning the emperor. See our anorexic cherry blossom tree <3 It glows coz of the black light <3

A scene from Bloody Mary starring Mika (Joe) and Bea (Mary)

A scene from The Pretentious Young Ladies starring Bernie (Gorgibus), Maryss (Madelon) and Bella (Cathos). Do any of their costume pieces look familiar? :> See previous posts :)

That's me (Lucile) making a fool of myself on stage =)) but somehow this picture made me look sober

Curtain call :) It was the first time for me to bow during curtain call since me and Teb were always far far away from the stage doing sounds and lights :P I swear, I do not know what I was doing here =))

I'm such a weirdo O__O =))

Wayfarer was surely an excellent way to spend the last weekend of summer <3 Congratulations DG and the noobs for their very first showcase! :)