Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Out there someone's gonna love yer warts and all!

I have not updated my blog for quite a while now. I've been awfully busy preparing for our upcoming show this Saturday. TIRED. So as you can see, I'm taking a little break here from all the prod work I'm doing. :) But DG still sticks in my mind. Typical. :D I've been reminiscing about our first major production last year, HONK! It's a play about an ugly duckling who was not accepted by society because of his awkward uniqueness. The production crew was only composed of 8 members then.. and half of us were new members so we didn't really have any significant experience of theatre production whatsoever. It was very very VERY overwhelming at first. I was assigned to do costumes and we were all obliged to do props and set as well. Meaning, staying late after school each day, doing schoolwork and some DG duties at home throughout what was left of the wee hours of the night.. of course, while struggling to keep yourself awake and focused.

DG takes over your life, yes. DG drains every bit of energy left in your system, yes to that too. But DG makes me happy :) It makes me feel accomplished and lets me learn all sorts of things even beyond the boundaries of theatre arts. :) Plus, that delicious feeling when you hear that applause from the audience and when your friends tell you how great the show was or how awesome the props, set, costumes, lights, sounds, etc. are... makes every drop of blood, sweat and tears worth it. :)

So anyways, like stated above: I was reminiscing about the glories of HONK! So I looked for pictures in Facebook. Here are some photos I found courtesy of Kara Pangilinan and Cristine Villaruel. :)

Us prod base painting a wooden box :) From left: CV, me, Teb, Backstage Boy1, twin Jaclyn, Backstage Boy2, prod head Bernie, twin Janine, Jeanne and Alaina

HAHAHA. =)) me being all gay and wearing tentative props for another production B.A.L.L.O.O.N.S. for our school fair. On me: shutter shades, pink belt, baggy shirt, one of the many many paint-stained School PE pants.

SPOT THE ANNOYINGLY DIFFERENT. =)) That's meee!! =)) gah. so WTH :P On me: shiny silver cloth <3

Crazy actors at the dressing room. Ashley (Maureen) and Kara Pe (Grace)

Myka (Ugly) and Kara (Drake)

You probably noticed by now that they are all crazy happy people :D
Sam (Ida) and Myka (Ugly)

Cast of HONK! plus the director

Kara (Drake) and the ducklings!

Patty (fish) and Bella (chorus duck)

Ugly is bullied D;
I can't find pictures of our awesome flipping backdrops :"< This is all I have :<

Family photo! Sam (Ida), Myka (Ugly) and Kara (Drake)

Ashley (Maureen) and Kara (Drake)

Ducklings Maryss and Maddi and Kara (Drake)

Carmela (Turkey) and Myka (Ugly)
Where is Turkey's shiny blue suit and red ruffle neckpiece? D;

Husband and wife tension~~ =))
Kara (Drake) and Sam (Ida)
Boy, theatrical make-up sure looks weird up close!

Darling actors at the dressing room

Ashley (Maureen) and Carmela (Turkey)

Looking forward to another year with you guys! :) MWAHZ


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