Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Independence Day!! :)

As of the moment, I ran out of things to blog since recently I've been feeling so dead inside and lost inspiration to have photoshoots or to take pictures of neat things to post here. But I gotta keep this blog alive! =)) so now I'm going to blog about arising trends I noticed.

*BLACK TIGHTS - ok this trend has been going on for quite a while now. Ever since I went to Taiwan, I saw a lot of people wearing black tights of various styles. It amused me a lot coz it looks so Asian and chic. That's why I bought a lot there :)

 Wear it with everything be it short or knee length shorts, skirts, dresses, shirtdresses, long shirts, etc. It looks chic and not too punk. It adds the necessary pizzazz to your outfit. Style ranges from sheer or opaque, embroidered, stockings or socks, with a touch of colorful accents, length variation, shiny or matt, leather, texturized, fishnets, tattered, lacey, opaque with sheer details... those are the things I have listed down during my Taiwan trip. Yes, I actually LISTED down. =)) It's weird to take pictures of random people, ok? You might be mistaken as a criminal or something. Don't wanna risk that. =))

Oh and what surprised me is the observation that people there do not wear leggings anymore. I only saw one or two people who daringly wore leggings in public out of a thousand. Wow. To think that almost everyone I know used to wear leggings all the time.. and now that trend is dying.  O0O what am I going to do with my many many leggings in my closet..?

Here are pictures I got from the internet :)

* FLORAL BUTTON DOWN SHIRTS - I noticed that there are a lot of these in stores right now. The most common ones are slightly wrinkled and with long sleeves. People usually wear it tucked in denim rolled-up shorts with an earthy or funky belt. I'm not really a fan of this fad coz I don't think it suits my style. :) but I still think it's chic when others wear it, not me.

A long time ago, the plaid button-down shirt was in and now, floral takes over.

* SATCHELS - usually floral. First of all, I don't get why there are limited pictures available of satchels in the internet.. Anyways, these are super cute! Very feminine. I think the satchel has masculine features but the floral ones softens the overall design of the bag. See the contrasts between the two pictures below. I've been meaning to buy one but mommy already bought me a lot of bags lately.

So there. These are just the top 3 things I noticed. Ah, fashion. what wonders it brings to my life. :)


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