Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yesterday, one of the glories of senior year took place - the Freshman Welcoming Rites. It's where the Achies (us seniors) welcome the shobes (freshmen) to highschool and form a bond with each other. :) We even have to dress our fabulous shobes into costumes following a certain theme. This year, it was AROUND THE WORLD. Our class, Charity, got Le Fabulous ESPANA. It was a fun-filled day and it finally dawned on me that we are the seniors now. :O

That's me during the skipping game! The people said they were distracted by my colorful ruffle attachments on my legs =)) kind of blurry here in the picture

Me with Annie Babes :> :>

With Aimee :D cutie patootiee

ANNOYING. but wat da hell =))

Oh yeah B-) Mind the words encircled or underlined. Graziel Tan is my adorable vegetarian shobe :) So glad I ended up with her :) She so sweet and nice <3 I shall post a picture of the 2 of us as soon as my friend Ge uploads them. :) I shall also post a DECENT picture of this chick named Julia Noel. She's one hell of a BAKLAKEKONG. =)))) Over the top. Hands down, yo. As in WOAH. Rainbow gayness overload!! Alaveet -u-

Charity + Prudence = Charidence <3
Love you all :) Welcome to the family, loves!

Photo courtesy of Kim Co and Ann Ong :)


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