Sunday, June 05, 2011


WAYFARER, the DG summer workshop 2011 culminating activity, featured various forms of theatre from different countries. First up was Bloody Mary from England, I believe. It was an absurd kind of play which is about a one-armed and one-legged man named Joe who saves the life of a wounded woman named Mary. We also had 2 numbers of Japanese theatre exhibiting Tadashi Suzuki's acting method. There were comedy readings on the politically correct versions of the 3 little pigs and little red riding hood. Lastly, we had France's The Pretentious Young Ladies which was what I wrote about in the previous posts.

This adventure was surely a blast! Although we committed a lot of mistakes, I still believe that the show was a complete success. After curtain call, the audience were greeting us congratulations and praising us all for our awesomeness. ROCK ON. All our hardwork was paid off.. :)

Meet my other bestfriend, theatre lights control whachamacallit :) Together we light up the stage! Literally =)) I can establish the mood of the scenes with this baby :) as well as make disco lights at fast dance numbers. 8D

Here is Tanya (the Viscount de Jodelet of Pretentious Young Ladies) with her powdered wig made of cotton balls and shower cap :)

people rehearsing Bloody Mary

From left: Me (STRAWberry), Bernie (sticko) and Teb (patatim) reading The Politically Correct Version of the 3 Little Pigs

2nd Suzuki number. That's me! The geisha wearing a sash around the waist and fanning the emperor. See our anorexic cherry blossom tree <3 It glows coz of the black light <3

A scene from Bloody Mary starring Mika (Joe) and Bea (Mary)

A scene from The Pretentious Young Ladies starring Bernie (Gorgibus), Maryss (Madelon) and Bella (Cathos). Do any of their costume pieces look familiar? :> See previous posts :)

That's me (Lucile) making a fool of myself on stage =)) but somehow this picture made me look sober

Curtain call :) It was the first time for me to bow during curtain call since me and Teb were always far far away from the stage doing sounds and lights :P I swear, I do not know what I was doing here =))

I'm such a weirdo O__O =))

Wayfarer was surely an excellent way to spend the last weekend of summer <3 Congratulations DG and the noobs for their very first showcase! :)


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