Wednesday, May 30, 2012

POLAR bear on an asterOID

Can I just say this concept is PURE GENIUS???

Artistic Director: Ann Ong
Theme: black and white polaroid shoot, inspired by the music video of You Make Me Feel by Cobra Starship

Why dontcha get to know me a little bit more? ;) I can be.... 

BLOGGER FEATURE #1278470340: Ann Ong again! 8D I've written about her a couple of times now, but I still feel like you, readers.. whoever you are and if you really do exist.., need to get to know her a little bit more :)

Last shot! Ehehehehe 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

0.0v crooo~

AHAHAHA something is hella wrong with me today. 8D But then again, always naman eh. =)) weeeeee~ okkkk anywaaays, ignore my odd behavior! 8D I think this is the result of too much ice cream and having watched a toy chick get smashed by a toy truck multiple times, then get thrown at the wall. @____@ I mourn for the chick. ; _ ; AHUHUHUHUHU 

This is sucha cuteeee fez! 0.0v Pigeon Awkward Peace Sign (PAPS) 8D it means sorta like "I don't give a damn to what you're saying or dunno what the hell you talking about so i'm just gonna make pigeon noises coz I don't know how to do cricket noises.. and give you this awkward peace sign." 8D =)))

I was sober when I had the shoot. :)) Kinda sleepy, actually. bum bum dibum bum bum dibumbum~

It's been a while since I last had an outfit post. :0 And now I'm wondering what type of blog this is... I don't think it's considered a fashion blog anymore coz I post a lot of random stuff here. =))  Oh wellz papelz~ 

 Hyperactive little girl wants to go out and play.

Shirt off! So plain @0@

light denim button down shirt from Giordano
yellow tank top from Forever 21
highwaist lace skirt from H&M
leather heels from Kookai

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The bloody vampire ate it

As a tribute to my supposedly red hair, here are very vain wala-magawa-sa-buhay portrait shots of me! trolololololol

=)) what? Tribute?? What am I talking about? :0 Well, me is very frustrated coz my hair didn't turn out red before. -_- and so I shaved it all off. JOKE =))) I CAN NEVER DO THAT!!! 

*INERMISSION! Yesterday, I got my lower set retainers. I have a nerdie weird accent!!! T_T Very amusing to hear myself talk.. and so I'm now gonna type how I pronounce stuff 8D*

Ok back to me being frushtated, 2 sheenarios are alwaysh happening to mee! 
A) me: heey! what color is my hair?? 8D
person: uuh... brown?
me: .... -____-

B) person: did you dye your hair or is it naturally BROWN?
me: IT'S REEEDDD =)))

Lash photosh of my "red" hair. </3

Yeshterday, my friendsh and I shkeduled an appointment at The Shpa <3 coz they all won gift shertificeytsh in my debut. :)) And sho we went together! :) While waiting for the time, we shopped around Eashtwood. Jem introdushed ush to a very innovative product of Etude Houshe. @0@

Preshenting Bubble Hair Coloring! 8D Itch like you're just shampooing your hair! @0@ MAGIIC! It comess with a foaming bottle, dye formulash, conditioner, plashtic cape and glovesh. Itch show fun to doo! 8D Itch like doing chemishtry coz when I mixed the formulash together, the bottle got all warm shuddenly~ coolnezz. Nerd. And then SHPARKLY PURPLE foam came out <3 @0@

What'sh great about thish ish that itch not ash red ash in the picture on the box. My hair'sh shtill kinda dark but the rednessh ish much more evident thish time <3 And the hue ain't too outrageoush to be shent out of classh or shomething 8D

Are you shick of my fez yet? =)) Shcrew you. Me is a happy child -u- finally shatishfied 8D

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hey Dawg~

It's a Mother's Day weekend. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! It is once again the time where you spend quality time with your dear maders and show the lav and all that cliche stuff. You see, the problem here is... my mother is sorta M.I.A. =)) She's currently enjoying life in Australia with her best friends. LUCKY.

So anyway, I expressed my boredom and desperation to my dad yesterday. He told me he's gonna take me to the movies the next day. He took me to a dog show instead! @U@

Going to dog shows is one of my favorite pastimes with my dad. :) And it was @U@ that he decided to take me with him.. just like ol days :)
Date with dad on le weekend for mothers. :)) Practiced with le Amore too 8D

Philippine Canine Club Inc. (PCCI) Dog Show!

 Cute twins <3

RUUNNNNNN!!! =)) Very hard to photograph @0@

 *shudders and grimaces*





 This little piggy is a bum..
..and this little piggy had too much to eat. =))))