Saturday, May 19, 2012

The bloody vampire ate it

As a tribute to my supposedly red hair, here are very vain wala-magawa-sa-buhay portrait shots of me! trolololololol

=)) what? Tribute?? What am I talking about? :0 Well, me is very frustrated coz my hair didn't turn out red before. -_- and so I shaved it all off. JOKE =))) I CAN NEVER DO THAT!!! 

*INERMISSION! Yesterday, I got my lower set retainers. I have a nerdie weird accent!!! T_T Very amusing to hear myself talk.. and so I'm now gonna type how I pronounce stuff 8D*

Ok back to me being frushtated, 2 sheenarios are alwaysh happening to mee! 
A) me: heey! what color is my hair?? 8D
person: uuh... brown?
me: .... -____-

B) person: did you dye your hair or is it naturally BROWN?
me: IT'S REEEDDD =)))

Lash photosh of my "red" hair. </3

Yeshterday, my friendsh and I shkeduled an appointment at The Shpa <3 coz they all won gift shertificeytsh in my debut. :)) And sho we went together! :) While waiting for the time, we shopped around Eashtwood. Jem introdushed ush to a very innovative product of Etude Houshe. @0@

Preshenting Bubble Hair Coloring! 8D Itch like you're just shampooing your hair! @0@ MAGIIC! It comess with a foaming bottle, dye formulash, conditioner, plashtic cape and glovesh. Itch show fun to doo! 8D Itch like doing chemishtry coz when I mixed the formulash together, the bottle got all warm shuddenly~ coolnezz. Nerd. And then SHPARKLY PURPLE foam came out <3 @0@

What'sh great about thish ish that itch not ash red ash in the picture on the box. My hair'sh shtill kinda dark but the rednessh ish much more evident thish time <3 And the hue ain't too outrageoush to be shent out of classh or shomething 8D

Are you shick of my fez yet? =)) Shcrew you. Me is a happy child -u- finally shatishfied 8D


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