Monday, May 07, 2012

HK Day 3: Causeway Bay

Just another shopping day :) This time in Causeway Bay, particularly in Sogo, Lane Crawford and Forever 21!!!  <3  The store there is huggeee @0@ And it's not even done yet! @0@ Can't wait for it to be finished! :)

 My peg for dad. Me: daddy, take a picture of me kinda like this? 8D

 Close enough =)

Hype :) 

Plain front, peek a boo at the back 8D Cotton in front, knit at the back. ALAVET <3

black beret made by me
green shirt with zipper at center back from Zara
highwaist shorts from Poise
black stockings
leather boots from Taiwan
pale bluegreen lace collar from H&M
feather necklace 


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