Thursday, April 05, 2012

Pre debut shoot!

Photographer: CD Worx
Make-up artist: Danny Capistrano
Hair stylist: Danny Capistrano
Stylist: Nicole Wong
model: Nicole Wong *you dont say..* + dogs
venue: my crib, yo

This is a post that's too long to put in the About Me segment :)) I didn't just dress up to look cute in the photos ah. The outfits have meaning. Wooo~ 

I've already written some stuff about the first outfit (zebra) in my previous post. *points down* And so here are the remaining two :)

1) Laid back + chic~ I've mentioned before that I describe my style as this. 
Laid back = plaid button down shirt + fedora + ankle boots
chic = flowy dress + accessories

Hmm.. How can I further explain this? You see, I like being feminine and all. If you know me personally, you'd agree 100% =)) but.. I'm not so feminine all the time. I could play sorta rough? And be all happy go lucky at times. In short, not so prim and proper :))

multicolored plaid button down shirt from Giordano
flowy pink chiffon dress from F21
straw fedora from F&H
flower rings

2) Yeah I'm laid back and all but I can be a lady too! =) I can contain myself and be all AHIHIHI *giggle giggle* =)) I'm also predominantly feminine so yeah. You get the picture :)) Plus, this is also in line with the saying "Clothing should be tight enough to show you're a woman but loose enough to show you're a lady."~

This also shows my love for photography even if it doesn't love me back as much as I want it to. ; _ ; Hi Amore! :D

white tank top from Black Sheep
Flesh lace top from F21
red orange pencil skirt from F21
leopard beret made by me
leopard boots from Millie's
bracelet from Betsey Johnson
rings from Quiapo
multicolored bangles from H&M

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