Saturday, April 28, 2012

If I wrote a note to my younger self...

... I'd tell her to keep on doing these seemingly impossible projects. Even if she fails to create AND finish something spectacular, she learns a lot every time.. and that is what matters. A teacher from the FIP once said "You think you're just wasting cloth? Well no, you're not" (paraphrase).

First year in high school, about 4 years ago: That day was our annual school fair! Whoopieee!
me: What shall I wear? @0@
*digs through closet*
me: oh no!! Nothing!!!
*digs through sister's closet and finds jeans*
me:these are byootipoolz!!!
... and off I went to the fair, wearing my sister's very expensive Seven for All Mankind jeans. Trolololol. At the end of the day, I was tasked to help out my fellow classmates clean up our fair booth. I crawled under the table to pick up some trash and other icky stuff and lo and behold! I emerged as me, wearing my sister's jeans with a HUGE tear on the knee. @!$%%^*&% 

No biggie. I could cover the hole with a patch.. I could stitch it close like a surgeon.. I could rip some more parts so it's gonna be cool.. BUT NO. My sister hates ripped jeans and remedying em is utterly useless. Hers is a dead pair now. Forever Scarred. @_@

And so.. I decided to MAKE my sister a pair of jeans FROM SCRATCH. Me, with ZERO skills and ZERO knowledge in the art of clothing production. SERIOUSLY?? ..Challenge accepted. 

So here it is.. the unfinished output. I still had a very small sewing machine that clearly hated me, back then. Eeeww. 

Front with an X and a heart-shaped belt loop.

I'm just gonna laugh at myself for actually doing this.. 

back. With stitching designs and lipstick stain painted on the back pocket. 

So yeah. It was a bad idea and I probably didn't think about the whole thing that much. BUT.. at least! :) At least my sister didn't get mad..
At least I gained some experience and knowledge..
At least I discovered my capabilities and limits =))
At least I finally decided that my old sewing machine was crap and needed to be replaced with a better model..
At least I saw how much improvement I got over the years :)
At least I found these "jeans" just recently and now I have something to blog about today =))

And now... I shall attempt to make a blazer this summer! Present Me, with ZERO knowledge on pattern-making. AHAHAHA But before that, off I go to Hong Kong! 8D Will be back 1st week of May :) Got my outfits ready! <3


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