Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I don't mean to critique on your seduction technique

=)) just a line from Ke$ha's song SLEAZY that never fails to humor me :P i am amused. very amused.

How much is that doggie in the window?

Kitkat <3 with a puppy cut hairstyle :P She's turning 7 this August :O She's so old... I had her since I was 10 years old and she has kept me company and served as my comfort buddy all throughout :)

Kitkat again :)

Kitkat's ex-lover boy, Kopi <3 such a darling little boy! If only someone would invent face deodorant for dogs...

Kopi licking his paw :) aaaawww this makes me grab him and squeeze him ever so tightly til he growls at me :P

Oprah - Kitkat and Kopi's only daughter ~slash~ kopi's love. I know right? My dogs are weird. Kitkat was dumped by Kopi for their daughter... they've been close ever since, making poor ol' Kitkat a loner. :<


Your love is mah drug <3

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I like mah goodies!

Remember when I said that my family claimed there was nothing much to buy in Europe so they got me some caps? Yeah well... turns out the caps were just appetizers :O I was pretty content with them actually but I can't say no to the main course! ;) If being left behind acting as a guard dog and as the person who would take all the blame if something tragic happens would mean receiving gifts of appreciation, then by all means go travel around the world! =)) Here are SOME of the stuff they got me... SOME coz they said there are still some other stuff that are currently lost inside their luggages =))

Another hat!!! 8D a newspaper boy one!

Silky butterfly handbag from Spain :O it's beautifuulll 

Another bag :) this time it's funky. matches my style :D

... And the best surprise of all so far :O GUCCI <3

The art of giving entails the bearer to not expect anything in return and just give. I absolutely did not expect anything and was just fulfilling my household duties as a model daughter *angel face with matching halo* =)) but they got me an ultra fabulous gift 8D

Oh mummy dearest... ain't I a little bit too young for starting my designer items collection? You are spoiling me... but I don't mind :P :P I'm not rotten anyway. There's a fine line, you know? ;) I'm not really a designer buggie or anything. I mean, I don't mind shopping at fleamarkets and buying "unlabeled" stuff but looking around designer stores always takes my breath away ;D not to mention actually owning a masterpiece. Does anybody know CPR?

cool sneakers from Polo Ralph Lauren <3 

They're a little too big for me but i don't care! They're cute :D

gorgeous flats also from Polo Ralph Lauren :)

Takes more than just spools of thread and tough thumbs

Meet my bestfriend :) the fabulous Brother sewing machine :) I got it at Walmart for 70 bucks 3 years ago. What wonders you find in Walmart <3

Here are my other bestfriends :) my Ipod nano and iMini speakers :) They keep things colorful when I'm sewing or basically when I'm doing whatever.

And here's my newfound love of my life <3 A shiny leopard print spandex I got from Kamuning. Yes, spandex. The woman there says its part of the spandex family.. and I was like..ok O.O coz I was still fascinated with it. but its texture is sort of like wool and is just A LITTLE BIT stretchy... so it's kinda hard to believe.

I was looking around Kamuning yesterday for materials for the costumes and my eyes - which always catch a glimpse of something extraordinary or interesting and fall inlove with it - sparkled as I saw the textile and a fabulous beret instantly popped in my head. It takes about half a yard to make a beret but I got 2 yards. No, I'm not gonna make a lot of berets but I'm planning to do something with the excess cloth. I still don't know what I would do but I just gotta get my hands on this cloth! and so i bought it :D not wise. very not wise.. but.. just like my case with the green zebra cotton stretch, I didn't know what to do with it but I bought it anyway... and days after, I created a very chic sexy halter dress :D Who knows what wonders I will create with something as unique as a leopard print "spandex"?

A little bit Elizabeth

Like what was mentioned in my previous post, the school's theatre club (aka Dramatics Guild) which is composed of super awesome and super fabulous people :P, is doing a straight comic play The Pretentious Young ladies by Moliere. Its timeline is the Elizabethan era (in other words, the era where people wear massive extravagant clothing - usually poofy - made of layers and layers and layers of cloth). We're on a tight budget unfortunately and we don't have the time to hire a seamstress to make the costumes so... we agreed that the actors would find some costume pieces in their or other's closets. BUT it's gonna be hard or nearly impossible to find gigantic poofy skirts and large ruffled neckpieces in anybody's closet so... being in charge with the costumes and all *curtsies  to non existent fans*, I am obliged to make them. :O how, you ask? At first I didn't really know how and would just hope for a miracle of some sort.. but I researched the net and found some tutorials on how to make Elizabethan costumes :O What wonders you find in the net by people who post random things that are actually useful. :)

Creepy barbie doll O_________O here's a sample of a hoop skirt made with geena silk and twill tape :) Geena silk is a cheap and abundant-ish material and "it looks like real silk on stage when lights hit it" ~says our drama teacher Mrs. Ranada oh-so dramatically as usual. Twill tape is just thick ribbon that can support the shape of an article of clothing or can be used for tying stuff. Ignore Barbie's distorted cosplay-ish top.

Behold the Elizabethan ruff for men modeled by my other dog Oprah. And yes, I named her after the Great Oprah Winfrey. :D

Elizabethan Ruff for ladies :) obviously bigger than the men's. I made 2 of these this afternoon. That explains my slightly tired-looking face in the previous post about the hats. :P

Ruffle neckpiece for men to be worn under a coat with the ruffles popping out of the neckline. Also made two of these today. :) I need some chocolate...

money doesn't grow on trees...

...hats do! I have a little hat tree in my super pink room :)

There! It has plastic branches, ribbons and everything :) and of course, hats - from cowboy hat, berets, fedoras to caps, newspaper boy hat and whachamacallits =D The base actually came from my sister's suitor <3 =)) whom she turned down :P It used to be filled with balloons, ribbons and whatever. My sister didn't want it and it was obvious that she was just going to throw it away... but nooooooooooooo I wanted it! So there. I transformed it into a hat tree :)

Say hello to 2 new members of the hat family tree! My parents, brother and sis-in-law just came home from Europe today and they got me some swell caps! They claim there's nothing much to shop there but I saw alot of hand-carry baggages... /:)

rad looking cap from somewhere in Europe. The details aren't quite seen in the photo though.

Polka dot cap! HELLO FRIENDS, IF YOU ARE READING THIS... BWAHAHHAHA!!! Another hat to make y'all be like WHATTHEHELL all over again coz of my choice in hats - me wearing hats in general actually. :>

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ann's supermegafabulous debut (a proposal)

 My review center is so weird. They require us to be there at 7.30am but classes always start at 8. haha anyways, while waiting for the time, I doodled on the first page of my enormous reviewer. At first, I doodled some random stuff but then I remembered Ann's post about her ideal debut dress so I started designing some stuff with respect to her descriptions on that blog entry. After some time, I remembered I have to do some costume designs for the school's theatre club so I made some random notes and doodles. We were doing The Pretentious Young Ladies by Moliere as our culminating activity for our summer workshop which is really hard because the setting is during the great Elizabethan era. I shall write about the wonders of my summer workshop some other time. So anyways, I took some photos of my doodles. Ann darling, if you're reading this, tell me what you think :)

random doodles, notes and sketches

angled shot

Before anything else, ignore the random doodles in the background Yes I know they are distracting. =)) This dress (U shape neckline with feather trimmings, uneven hemline, ethnic embroidery accents on the hemline and waistband) is actually inspired by Filipino designer Aries Lagat's dress from Philippine Fashion week May 2010. (See photo below) Sir Aries' dress has some native Indian-ish vibe in it so I figured maybe Ann would like to wear something like that in her debut. I was honored to witness the construction and the fitting of this dress when I was having my sewing course at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Such craftsmanship :O  

Ignore everything except the dress in the middle. :P (the girl at the left is just a random sketch while the Elizabethan dress at the right is for the theatre club) I'm not so inlove with this dress though. It is a short hour glass dress with a wide V neckline, some gathers at the chest area, ethnic printed neckline, hem and waisband and a chiffon train at the back.

Ignore everything except the dress in the middle :P This number is with an X shape neckline, pleats at the center front and soft flowy gathers at the skirt and an uneven hemline.

This dress is kind of similar with the one in Ann's post. It is a short one shoulder (one-sleeve rather) dress with diagonal pin tucks at the skirt part and a detachable ruffled chiffon train embellished with ethnic or feathery doodads.

As for the hair, I want her to have short volumized hair with curls at the tips like Selena Gomez. I also want her to wear long triangular earrings. (see photos below)

For the headress, it should be a feathery  headband or cocktail hat like in the photos below.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A.A.A. (All About Ann)

Some of my shots of her. I apologize for the mediocrity. I'm just a noob :P

mmmmm... nothing beats a cup of non-existent tea paired with cupcakes made of porcelain. :P

What are you guys whispering about?? That is not normal!

Tea somehow makes Ann happy... =))

So do cupcakes

Here is Ann trying out my hair extensions =)) I think she looks good with long wavy hair

For details on Ann's outfit, see previous post.

My Little Sister and Me (a story)

little sister: Ann Ong
older sister: Nicole Wong

                    This is me, the awesome older sister. On my left is my giddy little sister

                               She wants to be just like me when she grows up!

                   I ignore her alot.. and refuse to deal with her childish ways.

          Sometimes I wonder how she would manage to be a tough cookie like me

                   Sure, I love my little sister.. but she's always getting on my nerves.

But when she left, everything was silenced and inner peace was brought back. I can finally hear myself think..

but honestly I kinda miss her little sisterness. My life has not been the same since then.. so I always go sit by the window where she always used to bug me and just hope she returns. THE END.

Background information:
The green dress I'm wearing is one of my latest creations. :) It's made of apple green cotton stretch with zebra print and silver accents and a plain white cotton stretch. For more information on my adventure with this cloth, visit my tumblr. The very chic leather jacket is Rachelle's, my brother's girlfriend <3. I'm inlove with ittttt <3

On me (older sister):
apple green zebra halter dress made by me
black leather jacket from Forever 21
black fedora from a debut
blue flower ring from Reginas
*brown heels from payless

On Ann (little sister):
denim jacket
DAZED custom made shirt
LOVE connector ring from Girlshoppe
pink and white flower ring from Reginas
*blue shorts
*black flats with bow detail