Thursday, May 05, 2011

Easter - I'm coming out!

2 days ago, I visited my daddy's pigeon abode in our garden. He was there feeding his dear pigeons. He suddenly (and randomly) gave me an egg that didnt hatch. I got amused by it :P and decided to blog about it apart from my usual posts on fashion or other forms of art.

The egg stated above. My daddy wrote there "MAASIN 4-13". Maasin is some place in the South, I was told.. and April 13 is either the date where the mama pigeon laid her egg or when it is due for hatching. I really don't know with my dad. :D

The baby chicks <3

Still a 'duckling' :) This reminds me of HONK! The Musical. :) Good ol days..

.. I know right? You've got that O 0 O look on your face, don't you? Oh yezz, have you ever seen a little birdie hatching ? See the beak? It's in the middle of the crack. Now that.... is beautiful. Too bad I couldn't watch it break out of its egg completely. Apparently, it takes a longer time for a chick to hatch than what we see on TV. When my dad took this egg out to show me, my reaction was "OoO  looks like balot!" =)) Fail.

Anyways, here are some pictures of adult pigeons flying around. It was so hard taking pictures of them! they keep moving and sometimes they scare you by flying to you as if they're gonna attack you or something. HAHA

This whole pigeon thing reminded me of Mortimer. Mortimer is the cat who made me a vegan for about a month because he grabbed a pigeon in front of me, stole alot of them and ripped the wing off one. Shivers. I named him Mortimer because that was the first name that popped in my head and it kinda suits him in a way. He is an orange stray cat who always sneaks in our garden to have a pigeon buffet. He really could not get enough of em. Boy, was my dad pissed. But now, he suddenly stopped going to our place and disappeared which brought peace to everyone's hearts. But not mine. Sure, I also hated him because he depicts a gruesome nature show but.. have you heard of the saying.. when you name something, you're actually letting yourself love that thing? Yeah... :<

I lost his photo but he sort of looks like this.. but dirtier.


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