Saturday, May 07, 2011


I can't believe it's already May. Time passes by so fast you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed. I remember May of last year. I was so ecstatic then coz the intern of the very famous Aries Lagat offered me a ticket to the Philippine Fashion week but I ended up missing it coz i had to go to Hong Kong. :< Dreams shattered. BUT my brother got us tickets for PFW in October coz he's friends with this designer who showcased her fabulous work then. Her name is Michelle Lim - owner of Okasyon and several other companies and the one who made my prom dress. : > I got mesmerized by her designs in her show because not only did she create beautiful and unusual clothing but they can also be considered as paintings. She added the perfect finishing touches - hand paint. Very unusual. Unexpected. Chic. Wish I could get tickets again for this year!

Anyways, this was what I wore when I went to the PFW for the very first time. Sorry, this was such a long time ago. :P

In our garden :) My family has this fascination with little bald Chinese boy statues coz they sort of look like my baby nephew. =))

My dress is quite simple. I was mesmerized by the designer's choice of fabric. I'm not sure what it's called but it's a kind of water-proof cloth of some sort. It lusters when light hits. Slightly ribbed but smooth.

See that apple green ribbon there? It actually goes separate from the hat. It's the grosgrain ribbon that was used in paper bags of Louis Vuitton. My sister got my mom a bag for some occasion back then and I did not dare throw the ribbon away. It was too cute. It's got the signature pattern imprinted there too. : > Hey, Louis Vuitton is still Louis Vuitton. ;)

I wish my hair was less dull. :P

purple A-line shift from Maldita
fedora from a debut
neon apple green ribbon from Louis Vuitton
brown stockings from Japan
brown boots from Hong Kong


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