Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Little Sister and Me (a story)

little sister: Ann Ong
older sister: Nicole Wong

                    This is me, the awesome older sister. On my left is my giddy little sister

                               She wants to be just like me when she grows up!

                   I ignore her alot.. and refuse to deal with her childish ways.

          Sometimes I wonder how she would manage to be a tough cookie like me

                   Sure, I love my little sister.. but she's always getting on my nerves.

But when she left, everything was silenced and inner peace was brought back. I can finally hear myself think..

but honestly I kinda miss her little sisterness. My life has not been the same since then.. so I always go sit by the window where she always used to bug me and just hope she returns. THE END.

Background information:
The green dress I'm wearing is one of my latest creations. :) It's made of apple green cotton stretch with zebra print and silver accents and a plain white cotton stretch. For more information on my adventure with this cloth, visit my tumblr. The very chic leather jacket is Rachelle's, my brother's girlfriend <3. I'm inlove with ittttt <3

On me (older sister):
apple green zebra halter dress made by me
black leather jacket from Forever 21
black fedora from a debut
blue flower ring from Reginas
*brown heels from payless

On Ann (little sister):
denim jacket
DAZED custom made shirt
LOVE connector ring from Girlshoppe
pink and white flower ring from Reginas
*blue shorts
*black flats with bow detail


recycledspices said...

Y'all should know that...I'm older! ;;) hhihi.

Nicole Wong said...

ironic isnt it? =))

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