Sunday, September 25, 2011

Who'd run the world?

Break time is equal to photoshoot time =)) Absolutely no editing done here :> I set my camera to fit the gym's conditions but recess time, we went to the cafeteria to chill. Ge borrowed Amore and started shooting without adjusting the settings so the pictures came out with this WOOWW effect

coz we are heaven sent :>

Why fuss over the blue star on my chin?? =)) Deal with it! This reminds me of my pick-up line! =)) Are you a blue star? coz you have the hottest heavenly body =))))) lolz mehn

My lovely friends and me :) You guys are the best :X

Started off as this... and ended in victory! :> =)

After Intrams, I went immediately to the house of my brother's in-laws coz they were having a get-together there :) He started experimenting with Amore, shooting everywhere and at random things =)) Apparently, he's jelly coz daddy got me a cool DLSR hihihi spoiled :P Anyways, he shot this photo of me looking dead and staring into space with their dog Noodle<3 --- who is also staring blankly =)) I must admit I was just pretending to not notice him shooting me AHAHAHAHHA :P :P :P

Last post :) But expect more posts on the 2nd day of Intrams! Fed up? Simple. Get lost. :P


One of the most awaited events during intrams is the cheerdance competition :) wherein the best dancers of each batch wear cutesy cheer uniforms and show everyone how cool and sexy their batch is :) I want to make a cheer uniform tuloy =))

First up, ZEPHEUS :)
Left: Serious mode :O   Right: their colors are
magnificent and their uniforms are cutteee but
sure wish the stripes were bigger and bolder!
Hello Lily :) AND NO WHITEZ! 8| 

Left: 2 story pyramid :)    Right: back bend with attitude B-)

Left: they look so.. dark considering
it's a cheerdance :o cute nonetheless =))
     Right: amazing hairflip!!

Left: their songs are the coolestt!! 
Right: waving at fellow Phoenix people
:) hahahaha parang celebrities =))


Left: Don't you think their swagger came a
year too early? :-? Right: 2 story pyramid
with leg raise :0 omgee

Left: i got em moves like jagger~~
Right: Zenith will probably hate me but
can I just say their uniform is so cute! :P
 Pink e =))

Left: stunts again :O      Right: ending pose :)


Left: Our uniform is unique :) We're the only
ones who didn't have cliche pleated skirts :>
Right: Pikachu =))

Left: Zenith maximizing the dance area
symbolizes Zenith domination :>
Right: props :> added creativity!

Left: Player dance :) STRICTLY SENIORS
ONLY! >:) Right: annoying move =)) ahahaha

HUUUGG :) That's what you call sportsmanship :]

Some morreeee :)

More pictures of yesterday's intrams :) Excited for DAY 2!!!





Cenell Chung! :) She so preettyy foreevvuuurrrr =)) Such a nice photo :) DP DP DP!!!

C.A.T. Officer Ma'm Justine!

Katy in action! I was supposed to post a photo of her with an awkward smile here.. but figured I'd be too cruel if I do so =)) :> FB nalang =))))

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Today is our 4th and last Intramurals! WOHOOO GO ZENITHH <3 <3 <3 I brought Amore with me to capture every epic moment :) This is our year. Win or lose, we are still victorious :] but of course, we won our first volleyball game against Phoenix :>

Intrams is a really big thing for the whole high school body. We even went beyond like taking solo pictures of everyone, making em yellow and setting em as our FB display images \:D/ and struggling to like every yellow picture there =)) AND we even tweeted like hell trying to make #MAKEWAYFORZENITH a trending topic =)) yeaahh~~ senior swagggg :>

Here's my FB picture :) While taking ths picture, I thought that I was doing a sly smile here... apparently, I look innocent =)) AHAHAHAHA Imagine.. hundreds of yellow people in your friends list =)) blinding!

Me before I was glitterized :)

Player's jersey. Ada reyes :)

Back of Zenith shirt with BATCH PROD print :) <3 I'm gonna miss my glitter and paint days :< can't believe it's oveerrrr

the MIGHTY ZENITH BANNER MADE BY YOURS TRULY, the BATCH PROD and feeling batch prod people =)))) ALAVYOO GUYZ! We didn't do well.. WE DID GREAT! Our hardwork paid off :> :> Can I just say.. when we went to check up on our banner, a tragedy has LITERALLY beFALLen upon us. Good thing we still had Katy's prod stuff =)) hehehherzz

ZEPHEUS banner! My shobe darrliiiinnggsss, the freshmen! :) :X Unicorn HAAHAHHA how gay can you guys get??

PHOENIX studded banner :) le sophomorezzz

XYRENE banner with lighted eyes =)) le juniors! omg.. incoming seniors na... :O :O

More photos to come! :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

sailor diamond

hallo lovablez! It is I! On a thursday night! Apparently sabaw than usual! OHOHOHO just here in this fabulous blogosphere to tell you loveleh readers that I won't be posting anything interesting this weekend. ::O GASP OH NOEZ! =) yesyes. Wellll, it's the much awaited ACET weekend! :O And I will be spending my tomorrow making my nose bleed with English and Math andandand I also have an appointment with my dear seamstress for the costumes for cosplay and Portrait. :O The deadline of our research paper is also nearing. Renaissance report and collage on Mon. Debut preperations :> Other homeworksss. BLAHBLAHBLAH busy busy me. :) ALAVET.

For the meantime, enjoy this photo I got from Tumblr. =)) Hopefully, that would suffice til next week :P :P

heheehehehe funneh.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

bright lights!

The other day, I was thinking about what to blog.. then I told myself "heeeyy! Why not blog about make-up and stuff?". And so when I was "playing with my toys" a while ago, I thought about wearing something dressy just on top. But then I ended up dressing myself completely. And so this post is not mainly about beauty stuff =)) THE END. =))

Tadaaaa =)) another picture of my vain self in this self-centered blog. And this time.. bohemian hippie look


Make-up ain't seen. Lights overpowered it, I guess. FAIL :P But anyway, lips are in nude color so that focus would be on my (cat)eyes. Plus, I love the pale look :) On the other hand, eyes are brushed with natural brown colors, lined on top and super little at the bottom lid (since my lashes are rather short) and highlighted by adding shimmery gold where the eye bags are supposed to be. Cheeks are contoured with bronzer and highlighted with pink shimmer.

Tulala @-) I wanna have curly hair =D

:> I have been sick since yesterday. I've been working on costumes for the school's major production Portrait by the amazing Philippine National Artist Nick Joaquin, as well as cosplay costumes for our fair booth. Like everybody else, I have personal issues.. and never-ending schoolwork. Now tell me.. do I look haggard? :> YES.

antique glamour shot :)

make-up brushes from Shu Uemura and M.A.C., Cupcake color lipgloss and clear minty lipgloss from Bare Minerals, bronzer+shimmer from Benefit, foundation and limited addition eye+cheek set from Shu Uemura, Espresso Ink color gel eyeliner and brown eyeshadow set from Bobbi Brown :)

It is not my fault for having an interest in make-up at such a relatively young age. Blame my ultra vain sister (who is now a Plain Jane). =))) LOVEYOU =))

cream crochet top from MNG
cream lace miniskirt from a nightmarket in Taiwan
brown vest from Charlotte Russe, LA
vintage belt from BABO
brown suede boots from Aldo
printed silk scarf free from an issue of Chloe magazine, Taiwan
hair extensions from Tokyo P.O.S.H.
The only thing that's colorful in this outfit is this scarf around my head (which is now gray in this photo :P). It is placed strategically :> so that eyes would be drawn down the face :)