Thursday, September 15, 2011

sailor diamond

hallo lovablez! It is I! On a thursday night! Apparently sabaw than usual! OHOHOHO just here in this fabulous blogosphere to tell you loveleh readers that I won't be posting anything interesting this weekend. ::O GASP OH NOEZ! =) yesyes. Wellll, it's the much awaited ACET weekend! :O And I will be spending my tomorrow making my nose bleed with English and Math andandand I also have an appointment with my dear seamstress for the costumes for cosplay and Portrait. :O The deadline of our research paper is also nearing. Renaissance report and collage on Mon. Debut preperations :> Other homeworksss. BLAHBLAHBLAH busy busy me. :) ALAVET.

For the meantime, enjoy this photo I got from Tumblr. =)) Hopefully, that would suffice til next week :P :P

heheehehehe funneh.


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