Saturday, September 24, 2011


Today is our 4th and last Intramurals! WOHOOO GO ZENITHH <3 <3 <3 I brought Amore with me to capture every epic moment :) This is our year. Win or lose, we are still victorious :] but of course, we won our first volleyball game against Phoenix :>

Intrams is a really big thing for the whole high school body. We even went beyond like taking solo pictures of everyone, making em yellow and setting em as our FB display images \:D/ and struggling to like every yellow picture there =)) AND we even tweeted like hell trying to make #MAKEWAYFORZENITH a trending topic =)) yeaahh~~ senior swagggg :>

Here's my FB picture :) While taking ths picture, I thought that I was doing a sly smile here... apparently, I look innocent =)) AHAHAHAHA Imagine.. hundreds of yellow people in your friends list =)) blinding!

Me before I was glitterized :)

Player's jersey. Ada reyes :)

Back of Zenith shirt with BATCH PROD print :) <3 I'm gonna miss my glitter and paint days :< can't believe it's oveerrrr

the MIGHTY ZENITH BANNER MADE BY YOURS TRULY, the BATCH PROD and feeling batch prod people =)))) ALAVYOO GUYZ! We didn't do well.. WE DID GREAT! Our hardwork paid off :> :> Can I just say.. when we went to check up on our banner, a tragedy has LITERALLY beFALLen upon us. Good thing we still had Katy's prod stuff =)) hehehherzz

ZEPHEUS banner! My shobe darrliiiinnggsss, the freshmen! :) :X Unicorn HAAHAHHA how gay can you guys get??

PHOENIX studded banner :) le sophomorezzz

XYRENE banner with lighted eyes =)) le juniors! omg.. incoming seniors na... :O :O

More photos to come! :)


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