Sunday, September 25, 2011

Who'd run the world?

Break time is equal to photoshoot time =)) Absolutely no editing done here :> I set my camera to fit the gym's conditions but recess time, we went to the cafeteria to chill. Ge borrowed Amore and started shooting without adjusting the settings so the pictures came out with this WOOWW effect

coz we are heaven sent :>

Why fuss over the blue star on my chin?? =)) Deal with it! This reminds me of my pick-up line! =)) Are you a blue star? coz you have the hottest heavenly body =))))) lolz mehn

My lovely friends and me :) You guys are the best :X

Started off as this... and ended in victory! :> =)

After Intrams, I went immediately to the house of my brother's in-laws coz they were having a get-together there :) He started experimenting with Amore, shooting everywhere and at random things =)) Apparently, he's jelly coz daddy got me a cool DLSR hihihi spoiled :P Anyways, he shot this photo of me looking dead and staring into space with their dog Noodle<3 --- who is also staring blankly =)) I must admit I was just pretending to not notice him shooting me AHAHAHAHHA :P :P :P

Last post :) But expect more posts on the 2nd day of Intrams! Fed up? Simple. Get lost. :P


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