Saturday, September 10, 2011

bright lights!

The other day, I was thinking about what to blog.. then I told myself "heeeyy! Why not blog about make-up and stuff?". And so when I was "playing with my toys" a while ago, I thought about wearing something dressy just on top. But then I ended up dressing myself completely. And so this post is not mainly about beauty stuff =)) THE END. =))

Tadaaaa =)) another picture of my vain self in this self-centered blog. And this time.. bohemian hippie look


Make-up ain't seen. Lights overpowered it, I guess. FAIL :P But anyway, lips are in nude color so that focus would be on my (cat)eyes. Plus, I love the pale look :) On the other hand, eyes are brushed with natural brown colors, lined on top and super little at the bottom lid (since my lashes are rather short) and highlighted by adding shimmery gold where the eye bags are supposed to be. Cheeks are contoured with bronzer and highlighted with pink shimmer.

Tulala @-) I wanna have curly hair =D

:> I have been sick since yesterday. I've been working on costumes for the school's major production Portrait by the amazing Philippine National Artist Nick Joaquin, as well as cosplay costumes for our fair booth. Like everybody else, I have personal issues.. and never-ending schoolwork. Now tell me.. do I look haggard? :> YES.

antique glamour shot :)

make-up brushes from Shu Uemura and M.A.C., Cupcake color lipgloss and clear minty lipgloss from Bare Minerals, bronzer+shimmer from Benefit, foundation and limited addition eye+cheek set from Shu Uemura, Espresso Ink color gel eyeliner and brown eyeshadow set from Bobbi Brown :)

It is not my fault for having an interest in make-up at such a relatively young age. Blame my ultra vain sister (who is now a Plain Jane). =))) LOVEYOU =))

cream crochet top from MNG
cream lace miniskirt from a nightmarket in Taiwan
brown vest from Charlotte Russe, LA
vintage belt from BABO
brown suede boots from Aldo
printed silk scarf free from an issue of Chloe magazine, Taiwan
hair extensions from Tokyo P.O.S.H.
The only thing that's colorful in this outfit is this scarf around my head (which is now gray in this photo :P). It is placed strategically :> so that eyes would be drawn down the face :)


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