Sunday, July 15, 2012


Another one of these ASK WONGIE posts! 8D This time, it's for my other friend, Teb :) :) She asked me 2 questions. 1) How to stretch your wardrobe. 2) How to dress up in a non-girly nerd way. But I'm gonna tackle #2 next week. Ok here we goooo~

Now that we're already college chicks, goodbye high school uniforms!! 8D You open your closet to see what clothes you can dazzle people with. But oh no! A new problem arises! Turns out that you only have a limited wardrobe! And you ask yourself WHAT DA HELL AM I GONNA WEAR?? 

You don't want to let people notice you've been repeating the same articles of clothing, yes? So what are you supposed to do?? Well... 

FIRST THINGS FIRST! Shopping helps but is not the solution. You can't just shop all the time so you'd have something to wear =)) I would want to..... but hat's not wise. :< So..

Organize. Ew, but yes. Organize your closet. YOU, not da maid. =)) Trust me when I say that you'll have a better view of your options. The last time I did... I found soo many things I haven't worn for a long time =)) And if you have a particular thing in mind, you wouldn't have a hard time looking for it. :) So yeah. 

Accessorize! Need I say more? :) Don't be limited to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.! Hats, scarves, random pins, belts, headdresses and bags are accessories too!

Mix and Match:
*Colors and prints. Set a color scheme. :) Like, TODAY I FEEL LIKE WEARING RED AND GRAY. Then you scavenge for red and gray clothing that you can match. 8D or or or play with print on print! If you managed to harmonize different prints, the outfit would look very interesting :) (Tebbie darling, I don't think prints suit you though.. except manly stripes.. or plaid? Prints aren't Teb enough hehehe)

*Theme. As previously mentioned in my MENSWEAR post. Mixing themes is cool B-) I feel like I'm just gonna repeat what I wrote before.. so yeah, I'm not gonna dwell on this anymore. :)) But my favorite mix is flowy and feminine dress + long-sleeved button-down shirt :) 

Ok I feel like I lack content. :| But that's basically it! I don't have anything else to say. It really calls for your own strategy. Experimentation = mastery. But what I do is... for example, I wore this shirt today. The next time I'm allowed to wear it again is after one or two weeks and it should be paired with something else. =)) TADAAA. =))) 

Oh and another thing is.. I layer a lot so it's not really noticeable. There was one time I wore black camisoles for 3 straight days :-bd Nobody remarked anything... so I guess no one noticed? :D

Hope this heeelps :) :) Keep the requests cominggg~


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