Saturday, July 30, 2011

silly love songs~

Today i'm gonna blog about.. the cute and interesting stuff found in my house. *applause =)) sure sure. Why, you ask? Well I just feel like it :) Thought you guys wanna see some cool stuff =)) and hopefully, these would serve as inspiration for innovations or new ideas. :P tee heee

polka dot 101 Dalmatians shades. I had these since I was a little girl and it's still alive! It doesn't fit me anymore though but I still don't wanna throw or give it away. It's too cuteee <3 might make my doggies wear these during Halloween >:)

my Betsey Johnson bracelet box :) my sister got me a funky Betsey bracelet some time ago and this box goes with it! :) supeeer kyul. I'm a big fan of animal prints AND Betsey Johnson :) I'm thinking of designing and making a dress that's inspired by this box for my debut :> :> ooh lala~

There's this enigmatic aura in this picture, don't you think? :O Lovely. :3 the mysterious black thing is my dress form and there's some yellow cloth draped over it.

training chopsticks for those who can't learn =)) I tried learning, ok? I really tried my best but I'm a hopeless case. =)) I never actually used these.. maybe someday I will :P

the cupcake tower I got for my mom last Christmas :) The cupcakes are also seen in my previous photoshoot with Ann :) mmm.. what if those were real cupcakes... <3

Lastly, my Pondo ng Pinoy bottle. :) It was for a CLE project last year. We had to get a plastic bottle and decorate it however we want. I used a Vitwater bottle and dressed it like a little girl using some scrap chiffon =)) hardiharhar :P

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today classes were suspended \:D/ due to typhoon :/ and so now I am here bloggin' coz I don't have much homework for tomorrow. :) I made a twitter btw! My seatmates Nicole Sy and Clarissa Ting (heyyy!!) finally persuaded me to make one. :P

Hmm... I don't have anything to blog about right now. I've been exuberantly devicing a plan for my debut next year <3 <3 OHOHO it's gonna be EPIC. Well here's a sneak peak: The theme is Betsey Johnson-ish with a huge huge fashion show featuring my first ever collection 8D either directed by me or some other company :P :P complete with lights, music, models blaaah. There would also be a pre-debut grand photoshoot by a super super fabulous photographer. I won't be naming names here coz these aren't final yet :P

See how costly this is. :O Should I go for sponsorship? HAHAHAH it's that bongga! Plus, my plans are very very strategic :> :> this might make me famouse one day OHOHOHO =)) and a normal debut doesn't appeal to me anymore.. I want something different :> :>

tralala~ I posted some old photos I took just for the heck of it :D This entry feels so incomplete without pictures :P

leaf lying on my window sill with droplets of rain above it

The Catcher in the Rye

My view from the window. Very very scary at night *0* but pretty ;) Sometimes I see some catte and carabaos walking around eating leaves and stuff =))

Daffodils outside a hotel in Canada past 10pm :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

TANK you can handle this?

OHOHOHO My first shoot with Amore <3 :) Theme: versatility of tank tops

Tank tops are one of the staples that every closet should have. These babies aren't just for hot weather or for casual wear. You can fit these in with almost every piece of clothing you have. Sneak them in with...

... a short dress to add some pizzazz. Opt to wear a lacey one like in the picture above to maintain the semi-formal look. I think if you go for an ordinary tank top, it would tone down the elegance of the outfit. :O

red pinstriped short tube dress from Crossings; light gray lacey tank top from my sister's closet :P; pink beret from Paris, France; bangles from H&M

... a hanging top (unless you have abs.. then don't =P). This look brings back the aerobics style of the 80's. :) Very hip and it enhances the silhouette of the waist. :)

black hanging top with peach lace accent from H&M; white and bluegreen striped tank top from Gap

 ... a camisole, a chunky necklace and a waist belt. Well, in this case, the camisole has a built-in 'tutu' in the end. :P looks very fun and feminine, doesn't it? :) :)

pink and white chunky pearl necklace from Kamiseta; off-white camisole with a 'tutu' from Taiwan; apple green tank top from F21; yellow polka dot bangle from Maldita

... a tube top and a cap. The tube top serves as added life to a plain white tank top. This look kinda looks sporty because of the cap but you could shift the 'genre' by pairing it with a short skirt. :)

red and white polka dot cap from somewhere in Europe; white tank top from Maldita; red tube top from F21

Sunday, July 17, 2011


 Last Saturday I demanded to my sister dress nicely for our dinner in the Manila Hotel. She picked the white dress seen in the previous post. <3 Lovely lovely BUT sadly, since I didn't bring any nice semi-formal clothes and was forced to wear shorts, long sleeves and knee high socks, she changed her outfit and went for jeans instead :< :< :< boo.

Again, we were bored waiting for my bro-in-law to come home. So I just took some shots of her :P hihihihi it's fun to have a very vain sister :P :P



 and pose!

 glamour shot <3

 Wedges with bow detail from Mitju Singapore and layered necklace from Promod

Shoes from BCBGirls and CHANEL bag <3 <3 <3

 my sister so preeeettyyyyyyyy <3
  Fashion Photography <3 I'd love to learn more than just the point and shoot method. (or point, zoom and shoot :P) Like experiment with different angles that would flatter the model as well as the clothes and stuff

 last photo! :)

Stuff in my sister's closet

 I rummaged through my sister's closet that weekend and found some nice stuff <3 Some of em I might borrow :D 
Double-breasted coat from H&M
It has a very nice weave-y texture and is ideal for goin abroad :-bd

 Short white dress from somewhere in Hong Kong

 It is made out of the type of cloth that LOOKS like knit but it ain't.. =)) Whatever the cloth or the dress is called, it's still fabulous <3

 HAHAHA very very 60's dress =)) I made this during my sewing class in the Fashion Institute of the Philippines and just gave it to my sister since it fits her just right. =)) HAHAHA she would never be caught wearing this dress in public but she is willing to keep it in her closet for remembrance though <3

 Made with polka dot printed cotton :) I love this pattern but I like the one with the white polka dots in a red background more :P very Mini Mouse :P

 This button down shirt from Tyler caught my eye. Very unusual :O The collar reminds me of the symbol for Pisces, my zodiac sign. :)

 This pinstripe blazer from Banana Republic is super cozy to wear <3 Very ideal for corporate attire or for toning down a sexy black dress. Just roll up the sleeves then bam! <3


Last week I stayed at my fabulous sister's place for the whole weekend. Even if I had a zillion things listed in my to-do list, I didn't think that it would hurt to spend a little time with my sister whom I miss rather than just be my dull self in working mode. Plus, she's rotting there and dying for company since she's "house arrest". :P kawawa naman. HAHAHA

I didn't bring my Amore with me but luckily, they let me borrow their DSLR camera :D :D So here are some shots around the house:


Tempura <3 We cooked these babies last Friday night. **song of Katy Perry plating in my head. They're so perfect that they look fake :O~

 baby pechay + mushroom whachamacallit dish <3

 Their super cute dishware <3

my sister's shoes :O steeaaall!!!

 Cirque du Soleil <3 The view from their window

 The streets of Manila. Beautiful <3 :)

A book about the Sistine Chapel

 Mini ceramic pots as display

 These are not mooncakes, fyi. =)) These are banana muffins baked in a heart-shaped silicon mold. We were bored so we baked :P
 mmmmm... :> :>

 More pictures to come! I have to make up for the 2 weeks of blog inactiveness

Friday, July 15, 2011

NO to mining in Palawan

Palawan is the Philippines' last remaining treasure island. It is the home of over hundreds of indigenous species of animals. It is considered as a nature's paradise due to its splendor and preserved beauty. But unfortunately, its beauty would soon be excruciatingly depleted because of the increase of mining sites all over Palawan.

So please support the petition to help save the wonderful world of Palawan. We need 10 million signatures! Every vote counts! Even if you are not a Philippine resident, you are still welcome to sign the petition :)

Show support HERE. Let me know if you did :P

Saturday, July 02, 2011

As promised

Here are more pictures from Welcoming rights :) edited. I've grown a fascination towards bloomed photos nowadays. I think they're better than vintage looking ones :)

Charidence <3 My colorful leg accessories stand out! We look like scrambled eggs =)) Yellow and white :P with loads of pepper

Me and Ge :) This photo is bloomed coz we are blooming like blossoming flowers =))

That's my shobe, Graziel! I dressed her up as a Flamenco-dancing Zorro =)) Look! We have matching leg accessories! ;D Hello darling! Hello to other Prudence people too! Thanks for tuning in to my blog! :) Lav ya all! You guys are the greatest!

My shobe ish shoo preetty! :O That's me trying to convert her into rainbow bakla =) FAILED. I shall get you next time >:] Love ya anyways!

She's the chick I mentioned in my previous post, Julia! =)) We fierce like tiger! RAAWR. =)) ALAVET.

We go together like peanut butter and cream cheese =D~

I could not find any DECENT photos of us, by the way =)) Our POWERS are too strong =))
Photo courtesy of Geraldine Yu and Nikolei Sy :)