Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stuff in my sister's closet

 I rummaged through my sister's closet that weekend and found some nice stuff <3 Some of em I might borrow :D 
Double-breasted coat from H&M
It has a very nice weave-y texture and is ideal for goin abroad :-bd

 Short white dress from somewhere in Hong Kong

 It is made out of the type of cloth that LOOKS like knit but it ain't.. =)) Whatever the cloth or the dress is called, it's still fabulous <3

 HAHAHA very very 60's dress =)) I made this during my sewing class in the Fashion Institute of the Philippines and just gave it to my sister since it fits her just right. =)) HAHAHA she would never be caught wearing this dress in public but she is willing to keep it in her closet for remembrance though <3

 Made with polka dot printed cotton :) I love this pattern but I like the one with the white polka dots in a red background more :P very Mini Mouse :P

 This button down shirt from Tyler caught my eye. Very unusual :O The collar reminds me of the symbol for Pisces, my zodiac sign. :)

 This pinstripe blazer from Banana Republic is super cozy to wear <3 Very ideal for corporate attire or for toning down a sexy black dress. Just roll up the sleeves then bam! <3


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