Sunday, July 17, 2011


Last week I stayed at my fabulous sister's place for the whole weekend. Even if I had a zillion things listed in my to-do list, I didn't think that it would hurt to spend a little time with my sister whom I miss rather than just be my dull self in working mode. Plus, she's rotting there and dying for company since she's "house arrest". :P kawawa naman. HAHAHA

I didn't bring my Amore with me but luckily, they let me borrow their DSLR camera :D :D So here are some shots around the house:


Tempura <3 We cooked these babies last Friday night. **song of Katy Perry plating in my head. They're so perfect that they look fake :O~

 baby pechay + mushroom whachamacallit dish <3

 Their super cute dishware <3

my sister's shoes :O steeaaall!!!

 Cirque du Soleil <3 The view from their window

 The streets of Manila. Beautiful <3 :)

A book about the Sistine Chapel

 Mini ceramic pots as display

 These are not mooncakes, fyi. =)) These are banana muffins baked in a heart-shaped silicon mold. We were bored so we baked :P
 mmmmm... :> :>

 More pictures to come! I have to make up for the 2 weeks of blog inactiveness


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