Saturday, July 30, 2011

silly love songs~

Today i'm gonna blog about.. the cute and interesting stuff found in my house. *applause =)) sure sure. Why, you ask? Well I just feel like it :) Thought you guys wanna see some cool stuff =)) and hopefully, these would serve as inspiration for innovations or new ideas. :P tee heee

polka dot 101 Dalmatians shades. I had these since I was a little girl and it's still alive! It doesn't fit me anymore though but I still don't wanna throw or give it away. It's too cuteee <3 might make my doggies wear these during Halloween >:)

my Betsey Johnson bracelet box :) my sister got me a funky Betsey bracelet some time ago and this box goes with it! :) supeeer kyul. I'm a big fan of animal prints AND Betsey Johnson :) I'm thinking of designing and making a dress that's inspired by this box for my debut :> :> ooh lala~

There's this enigmatic aura in this picture, don't you think? :O Lovely. :3 the mysterious black thing is my dress form and there's some yellow cloth draped over it.

training chopsticks for those who can't learn =)) I tried learning, ok? I really tried my best but I'm a hopeless case. =)) I never actually used these.. maybe someday I will :P

the cupcake tower I got for my mom last Christmas :) The cupcakes are also seen in my previous photoshoot with Ann :) mmm.. what if those were real cupcakes... <3

Lastly, my Pondo ng Pinoy bottle. :) It was for a CLE project last year. We had to get a plastic bottle and decorate it however we want. I used a Vitwater bottle and dressed it like a little girl using some scrap chiffon =)) hardiharhar :P


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