Sunday, August 07, 2011


This week is PT week so I told myself I won't be blogging this weekend. Well, I was granted time so... why not? :) My review sessions didn't last as long as I expected considering that I spent friday and saturday doing nothing productive =)) Ah well! I shall continue my nerdiness tonight since there's no classes for us Seniors tomorrow. :) Life is good. So... for now..

my photoshoot for today revolves around a black and white concept. Ahh~ inspiration amidst troubles :) Pictures are cropped at certain perspectives and bloomed <3 :)

photos are mostly close-up and mystifying. whoo~~~ =))

with my little supermodel Oprah <3 See how she's so into the mood =))

My look tells a story :O

the cutie patootie <3 and the dog. JOKE hahahah Oprah is the cutie while I'm just.. well, you tell me O_O =))

with Kopi darling <3 Oprah's daddy who is also a supermodel sensation.. in their dreams :P

my little prince

This picture has a happy vibe :)


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