Saturday, August 20, 2011


This weekend, I shall be Superwoman! I have loads of things to do for Monday! It's now Saturday night and I still have not finished doing my stuff! OH LALA. Well, I went out with mah friends yesterday night after school. It was Kim Co's surprise dinner at Teriyaki Boy! :) LOVEYA GURL! Happy birthday!!

Today was grad pic photoshoot :O I did not dare let the make-up artists hired by the parent representatives to touch my face. I got traumatized. I do not like make-up artists. :< I always look SO different whenever they put make-up on me. Usually, chinkier and drag queen-ish. :/ NOT COOL. So I was the one who put make-up on myself instead coz I trust me and I know my preferences. The output went nice. :) People said my make-up was great. :"> I had my hair done. It was volumized and wavy <3 I was meaning to have a photoshoot after but I got home sorta late and I havta cram stuff coz I found out I'm going out tomorrow. =)) HO MAN.

By the way, some of my classmates' faces were ORANGE and developed rashes. Some looked weird and fake. SEE WHAT I MEAN? YOU CALL YOURSELVES MAKE-UP ARTISTS??

So anyways, I'm gonna blog about staplers instead! YES. STAPLERS. Those that are used to staple stuff together. That kind. Why? Last Monday, I was hella bored during Chinese class so I started fiddling with my small pink stapler. Then I got inspired and I said to myself, "I know what to blog next..." =))

Takes a little imagination to decipher what I want you, dear readers, to see in these pictures :)

I spy with my little eye... a buck-toothed rat

... a hunchback

... 'u'

... cyclops

... kiss <3

... a robot

OHEMGEH. Can I just say Amore, my camera, is sooo maarte? Is it just me or is he really hard to work with? He and I need some bonding to do. He's soooo weird... :/


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