Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Model #3: Kara Pe

Kara Pe. Being in an all girls Chinese school, I often see.. well, stereotypical Chinese looking people. Then boom, there are girls like Kara. =)) Le mestisa~ I had a shoot with DG for our production of New Yorker in Tondo. My dad saw the photos and he was like "who that? she's pretty. Classmate mo? kakaiba. Di intsik." =)) 

See what I meant! Last minute tweaking of the top. This was during the last few fittings. It became backless to make the ensemble sexier =) She's so covered up in the front but when she turns around, bam. :>


Fave picture~ :) They have the same facial expression! =))) <3 

(she calls it doggie but I think its burnt cheetah) velvety top with peter pan collar and gold accents. Black lacey skirt with scallop hem and short lining.


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