Monday, April 09, 2012

Pico de Loro Beach Resort

My family and I + Katy spent the Holy Week in Pico de Loro Beach <3 We had all sorts of fun together. :) A few days before, I said to myself that Katy and I will be doing a whooole lot of physical activities. I felt soo motivated with the thought of burning calories while having fun and all. But what happened? Well, our main exercise was laughter and walking coz we're too lazy to get a ride. :D :D :D hehehehehehehehe oh wellz~ We still had fun :) and we were busy doing so that I wasn't able to have a photoshoot :))

 me and the nerd playing pool

dear hair, y u no look red??? Frustrations.. Disappointment... -_- I'll get ya next time

Dear Katy, this is your face when you win a game.. which is every time =))

Dear Bernie, we attempted to make kites. Here is a picture of a cardboard and a plastic one + the materials that we used. Bernie darling, I know you trained us well to be great prod crew members.. but we drastically failed just in making both kites fly. And when we were trying to fly em, we were yelling "BERNIEE!! WE'RE SOORRYY!! WE ARE A DISGRACEEE!!!" while laughing. EHEHEHEHE I hope that you are not shameful of us =)) We lav you, mather :X

Actually, the trip's kinda fail if you think about it. coz exercise plans, fail. Plan to jog in the morning and watch the sunrise after, fail. Kite flying, fail. Frisbee was also kinda fail. =)) AAH but what's not fail is our mission impossible :> :> :> :> which I won't be expounding on anymore :D 


 Just so you'd know, this photo is edited. :)) The sky ain't this dark. Scary naman :))

Feeling emo sitting at the pier 

At night, it's still kinda bright with all the lights open and the water reflecting em and of course, the bright light of a full moon. :) Looks so alive... but with the cool winds, conversations of people in balconies you can't help but overhear, the bad choice of music from the "parties" every night =)), etc., no wonder we just chilled and sort of lazed around. :))

Replay button, where are you? 
Will I invite more people next time? No doubt. :)


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