Sunday, April 15, 2012

Click. Click. Snap!

The other day, I came over to Katy's house to record some songs and stuff. When her parents arrived home, I got to know her family a little bit better. They were so nice and friendly :) They joked around and all. Her daddy even agreed to teach us photography! 8D I was the only willing student there.. -_- So anyways, he let me experiment with his equipment (i.e. flash thingos, backdrop, lens, stand, etc.) and gave me pointers. He tackled the wonderful art of flash photography~

It was an exciting experience 8D He reviewed me first on the basic stuff that I have already learned (and have forgotten :P) when I attended a photography class by Jim Paredes. But what's different is that last year, I wasn't able to use the equipment coz it wasn't compatible with my dad's old Sony DSLR. :< Sad fez. With Katy's dad, attention was on me. 8D He taught me some tricks that I could do just by adjusting some settings in the camera, letting the lights bounce from different directions, click-zoom thing, etc.! Oh physics... 


Photographer: Nicole Wong & Dr. William Lim
Model: Katy Lim and Nicole Wong
Lights: Abigail Lim =)

Normal flash..

Sexy Honey Bunny~ 

With colored lights whachamacallits..

very low aperture..

While filtering over 500 photos, I was like... "WHAT IZ WRONG WITH YO FEZ, WONG????" I guess too much excitement and awe doesn't look good in photos -_- =)) These are the most decent ones.. -_-"

 I think my hair's too heavy.. =)

 Candid shot! =)) AHAHAHAHAAHA I didn't realize I looked soo gay til I saw this photo.. =)) The look on Katy's face says it all... =)))) 

Hair Fleeppzz~

What to do in Hong Kong this May? Shop for college clothes or for camera stuff? .. both plssss :D


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