Friday, April 29, 2011

Photography class by Jim Paredes

Last April 16, 2011, I attended the basic photography class by Jim Paredes from the Apo Hiking Society - a band famous here in the Philippines. I used my dad's Sony DSLR camera for the shoots and we instantly became friends. I say, we had that camera for a while now but that was just the time I really learned how to use it. haha. So anyways, they even hired a model for us noobs to take photos of. Her name's MC. She's like a brunette barbie. :O So here are some of the photos I took:

In the garden..


 It's quite challenging to take good shots with all these people around. I wonder how MC must have felt.. with us "paparazzi" sticking lenses to her face. aah the glamorous life of a model.. Did I mention she's already a mom? And she's still that slim and pretty!


At his studio.. 


That's me holding my certificate of completion beside the great Mr. Jim Paredes. ohohoho I have his autograph in it. =))

I remember the time when my mom told me about her good ol' days as a teenager. She used to have a huge huge crush on him. She said she wrote letters to him but never sending them, always starting with the phrase "Dear Jimmy.......". Feeling close much?Cute :)

For more information on workshops by Jim Paredes, click here.


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