Saturday, April 30, 2011

The wonderful world of Taiwan DAY 6

Beret #4. Wild leopard print. Raar =)) This is one of my latest creations this summer. I shall post my other 'masterpieces' next time.

I love this shot :O I look like a chic martian in Mars or something.

The 7-Eleven stores there.. are very. very. awesome. You'd find wonders in that store! These stockings and yummy treats, for instance. :) I love their milk there. Soo good. It has a certain creamy flavor.. mmm..

leopard print beret made by me
red plaid shirtdress from Babo
black stockings with pink ribbon stitching from 7-Eleven in Taiwan
brown leather boots from a night market in Taiwan
brown monochrome bag from Gucci
oversized shades from Matthew Williamson for H&M


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