Friday, April 29, 2011

The wonderful world of Taiwan DAY 1

I absolutely love berets. It's my signiature look. In school events where we don't have to wear our uniforms, I always have a hat on my head complementing my hair - usually berets such as that of in the pictures you see here taken by my dad.

*For more stuff about berets, visit my tumblr. I don't think you can isolate an entry there though but don't worry. You'll find that post as well as other cool stuff coz I didn't post much there :)) I transferred here instead.

At the Flora Expo. We were literally bathing in the sun's merciless rays completely surrounded by thousands of visitors. Our energies were too drained to explore every nook and cranny of the place, also since we were sort of exhausted from the flight and lack of sleep. We did see some interesting sights though. :)

I didn't dress up much that day coz I didn't think we would do anything but arrive at the airport and go to the hotel. I was just focusing on being comfortable in the congested plane as much as possible without the need of being all cautious of my clothing or anything.

Close up!
 my shoooess

 my bracelet <3 which broke coz I was panic-shopping one night. :P Dude, we only had an hour to explore a huge huge night market. What can you expect?

On me: Red wool beret from Paris, France *special mention to my older sister who got me this :)
Gray V-neck shirt from Forever 21
loose blue tank top from Bluenotes in Canada
denim jeans from H&M
red suede flats with button detail from Figliarina
chain bracelet from Juicy Couture
orange scarf with black and glittery gold stripes from Oxygen
brown monochrome bag from Gucci
bluish gray plaid jacket from HK

On mommy: red trenchcoat from Marks & Spencer
navy blue trousers from Giordano (which I hemmed as well as 7 other pairs of my mom's pants. You can see the blue thread I used haha) :P
italian leather pumps with flower detail from HK
monochrome bag from Coach


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