Saturday, April 30, 2011

The wonderful world of Taiwan DAY 4

Hello again. :) It's funny how the title speaks of Taiwan but the content just tells you guys about what i wore in Taiwan. hahha so anyhoos, here's outfit #4. Take note, my stockings are well.. "accidentally torn on purpose."  Well, I call it style. =))

See, my stockings are a bit torn. They used to be my sister's. She wore them as part of her bank teller uniform. :) They're mine now since she's living a glamorous married life. :) aaah the perks of having an older sister :)

red wool beret from Paris, France
yellow FREE HUGS shirt from Streetwear Society
floral high waist miniskirt from Forever 21
black stockings from my sister
red suede flats from Figliarina
red trench coat from Giordano
brown monochrome bag from Gucci
casette tape necklace
heart necklace with opening from Sears in Canada
yellow polka dot bangle from Maldita
chain bracelet from Juicy Couture
oversized shades from Matthew Williamson for H&M


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