Sunday, August 26, 2012

Inspiration takes me places

I visited the site of one of my fave bloggers, Crissey, and found a post where she got some outfit shots of fellow bloggers and drew them to promote the Fashionary. Super niiice @0@ And so I was inspired to do the same 8D hehehehe but I can never compare to her. *hands down*

I picked a few friends (who turned out to be all Ateneans :P) and drew em in my Fashionary. :)





Remember this? No? Fine -__- =)) Anyways, I drew myself too! 8D


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Last Saturday, Tebbie had her debut! <3 The theme was NEON NERD. I got really excited to dress up =)) How typical of me :D Looking like an exagge nerd somehow gives me happiness. lolwhut. =)) Ok I'm just really weird. Here's what I wore! :D

Nerdy yearbook photo! v:-Bv 

Yesterday, I attended another debut! @u@ Oh my... neglecting study time for my Midterms. Anyways, it was in Heat, Edsa Shang <3 meaning BUFFET.. meaning MUST NOT WEAR TIGHT CLOTHES.. but I really reaaaaaalllllyyy wanted to wear this dress I made some time agooo. As part of her 18 Wishes, I had to wear blue too so...

 I topped it off with this kimono shirt :D yeeeyy!!! -u- The dress is made of stretchy fabric and it's both fitted and loose so it's BUFFET-FRIENDLY =)))

 My blogger pose =))))))) AHAHAHAHAHAHHA

White shirt with maroon stripes from Zara
Apple green lensless glasses from Regina's
Neon orange bow tie from Teb
Red suspenders from Girlshoppe
Orange mod skirt from F21
White knee high socks
Red ballet flats from SM Dept. Store
Electric blue leopard print kimono shirt from F21
Light green zebra halter dress made by me :)
brown leather heels from Aldo

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bum Bum Bi Da Bum Bum Bi Dam Bum

As we all know, the Philippines has just experienced nature's wrath. (Did they already name the monsoon?) Luckily, I was one of those people who weren't really affected by the flooding. The perks of living on a bundok \m/ Anyways, I was stuck at home for a couple of days. As a result, the lazy bum in me came back to life! When I finished advancing on my subjects/just didn't want to nerd at the moment, it's either I nap, eat or net. -__-" But then one day, people started posting their artworks in FB. Even those people whom I didn't know were artists! And so I got inspired to do my own @u@ 

Ever since college, I've been neglecting the arts. :< The nerd in me wouldn't let me do my hobbies and all. It's like.. WHY DO THAT WHEN YOU CAN ADVANCE ON THIS INSTEAD? So yeah. I've been a nerd. :)) It's a me thing. 

For the past couple of days, I have been ignoring nerd and have brought out the artist in me <3 

OPPOSITES. Inspired by the Law of Attraction in Chemistry :Dv 

Random sketch. Mummy says it looks like Katy. asdfgasdfg NO KAYAAA!!! =))

My favorite 8D

Summer boredom busters!
I purchased this illustration book in Hong Kong last summer. Basically, it's like a coloring book for fashion enthusiasts. =))  

Gives me inspiration :) It's full of neat ideas that I didn't even think of! 

One thing about me: I like coloring hair and putting make-up on - both in drawings and in real life :D - so I enjoyed doing the faces there very much. 8D 

 A painting inspired by typical high school status quo. :)

Materials used for coloring:
Faber Castell Watercolour Pencils
water brush from HK
Kurecolor alcohol-based markers
ProMarker alcohol-based markers

For outlining:
dark brown Staedler triplus fineliner
black Uni Pin fineliner - 0.1 and 0.3

Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Life of a College Babe~

Hey everyone! :D I feel like I should update you guys on what's happening in my life. Well, college has been keeping me busy. I choose to spend my little free time advancing on stuff so I'd spare myself from the ever-dreaded Hell Weeks. We're currently tackling high school lessons. Piece of cake, right? HA! That's what I thought! -__- but still surviving though. Not really getting my hopes up for being DL. 
; __ ;

As for my extra-curricular activities, I gotz no DG now :< but I was able to get in our film org's production core! 8D The Loyola Film Circle is now the one taking much of my time. :)) Aside from that, I also joined the Ateneo Management Association (AMA) and the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association (AJMA). :-bd so stereotypical for a Chinese.. -__- =))

PARTIES!! There are parties/events EVERY week! Like woah. Of course, I didn't attend all of them. =)) Priorities.. priorities.. :-?

Hmm what else? So far, I'm loving Ateneo (despite them being sooo reluctant to suspend classes on a very stormy day and letting students be blown away from the semi-flooded campus). :D MAGIS. \m/

There was a time I brought my Amore to school. But I didn't dare take outfit shots like I initially wanted to. HAHAHA I'm shy :"> =)) But I did take some shots around the school.

The Church of the Gesu

Zen Garden + Gonzaga Hall

There are always people dancing here :))

My Math building

Kitten stuck in a tree!!!! asdfghasdfghj

Cat nursing her cute widdle kitties behind a vending machine <3

Cheer Rally!!

My UAAP Superstar blockmate Kris Porter ohohohoho :>

Me and Mangune derping around :D He's one of the few from my kada who went to ADMU :<

Photos from Chris!
Shayne lives in a mansion. Nuff said. @_@

blockmates! 8D Oh noez! Lexi is cut! :0

I can sense the sabaw-ness here =)) before math class! OH NOEZ BOOLA MOOLA GOOLAA!!

Ooohh I'm so mysterious~~ =))

Me and Chris!! My new boyfriend bestie :D

AHAHAHA Cover photo for our magazine for En 11. Combination of all our topics - fashion, vampires, gym culture, hipster culture, Facebook and memes. SAMBADEH PHOTOSHOP A MEME ON MAH SHIRT!

As for fashion, I've been repeating clothes now :)) 

brother: "di ka ba nauubusan ng damit??" -______-

I don't have unlimited wardrobe!! ; __ ; So I layer a lot so it won't be noticeable when I wear some things over and over again :)) I'm still stuck with wearing pants.. or anything that covers til the knee though - except from some occasional days when the "authorities" were not around TEE HEE. But psshh... I don't have to bare so much skin to be stylish~ :>