Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Last Saturday, Tebbie had her debut! <3 The theme was NEON NERD. I got really excited to dress up =)) How typical of me :D Looking like an exagge nerd somehow gives me happiness. lolwhut. =)) Ok I'm just really weird. Here's what I wore! :D

Nerdy yearbook photo! v:-Bv 

Yesterday, I attended another debut! @u@ Oh my... neglecting study time for my Midterms. Anyways, it was in Heat, Edsa Shang <3 meaning BUFFET.. meaning MUST NOT WEAR TIGHT CLOTHES.. but I really reaaaaaalllllyyy wanted to wear this dress I made some time agooo. As part of her 18 Wishes, I had to wear blue too so...

 I topped it off with this kimono shirt :D yeeeyy!!! -u- The dress is made of stretchy fabric and it's both fitted and loose so it's BUFFET-FRIENDLY =)))

 My blogger pose =))))))) AHAHAHAHAHAHHA

White shirt with maroon stripes from Zara
Apple green lensless glasses from Regina's
Neon orange bow tie from Teb
Red suspenders from Girlshoppe
Orange mod skirt from F21
White knee high socks
Red ballet flats from SM Dept. Store
Electric blue leopard print kimono shirt from F21
Light green zebra halter dress made by me :)
brown leather heels from Aldo


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