Friday, September 28, 2012

What I had been up to

AHAHAHA weeee~~ I've been feeling quite inspired lately. Really can't wait for sembreak so I can work on my artsy fartsy projects already!! 8D But for now, nerd mode. 

In other news, next Saturday, I'll be modeling for the mall show of fashion designer (and my mentor for my debut show) Michelle Lim! <3 I'm so flattered. TEE HEE! Can't wait!!!!!! I won't be able to blog about it right away though. Finals week after that weekend! @0@

Just some photos from my phone coz I'm too cool for Instagram. Loljowk =))) 

So pretty <3 Our last chem lab experiment :< aaaww

A funny thing happened some time ago. A wild kitten appeared and slept beside my bag <3 <3 !!! SO KYOT!! MY GOODNEZZ!! We took so many photos of it WITH FLASH but it still wouldn't wake up! AHAHAHA whatta lovely surprise <3 

Secfield after SOMweek. DESTROYED @__@ One rectangular part of the field became albino because of the stage. SO COOL =))

Nuks I'm a film maker now <3 :> =))) Last week, I was recruited as Co-Production Designer for a thesis film of the some seniors (my prod heads!). Sucha stressful and wonderful experience it was! I just couldn't describe how the shoot went with mere words! @0@

Monitor for the camera

There was even a legit clapper! LIKE OMG. AHAHAAHA I wanted to play with it =))

The crew watching the on-going scene

The most fascinating thing ever!! It's the camera set-up!

LOOK! Train tracks for smooth movements!!! SO FREAKIN COOL! I WANT ONE!! AHAHAHA

The camera is a normal DSLR but the lens are ginormous!

LOOK!!!! SO COOL!!!!

I don't know if the seniors are gonna post their film though. If ever they do, Imma post it here too! Just coz I'm proud of it =)) hehehe

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Cab @ Trinoma!

I mentioned before that this month is hell for me because of school work overload and stuff... but yesterday, I made time to go watch the concert of my favoritest favorite of all time band, The Cab!!!! <3 !!! What made everything better was the person whom I watched it with - Katy!! 8D No, we didn't watch the Maroon 5 + The Cab concert.... <///3 but we settled for them free mall concerts :D which was actually pretty good! :O Here are some of the photos I took! :)

Matching shirts!!! OHOHOHO I customized our shirts for our Entrep Bazaar :> :> THE CAB, PLS COME BACK AGAIN!!!!! SOOOOOONN!!!! <3 <3

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Last week was an eventful one! It was SOMweek! It's when all the orgs under the School of Management come together and compete with each other in games, pageants, and stuff. Aside from SOMweek, I also had a long test, projects, film class, org stuff, etc etc. Hayz. I didn't blog last week in the hopes that I'd have more time to think and execute something related to fashion or any art this week.. but noooooo -__- sorreh guys. It's September. The end of the sem is nearing and profs are burying us with heavy work load. But OHOHOHO I have something in mind for next week. OHOHOHOHO =))) clue: taxi. AHOHHOHOHO =)))) Oh and expect me to neglect blogging for a while. Havta focus on le finals to become Dean's Lister! WOOHOOO GAME ON!

Anyways, I brought me amore to school for a couple of days til I gave up hehehe stuff so heavy -__- 

Playing with the projector and my blockmates' silhouettes

Partying at the Rizal Library coz we cool layk that~ =))

blinded :D hehehe

SOM Bazaar! When it was still not muddy =))

Wrap it up! Cooooll! My friend actually designed this logo for some friends of hers and now it's on a tarp! @0@ wala lang. Amused. Bet she's proud. hihihi

Me with my ombre hair =)) participating in games

Block Rep Chris!

This is a cute angle.. :)

Block Rep Chris Tan and his First Lady and Numbah One Supporter <3

Candid photo of Chris! Seeee!! He is capable of having decent candid pictures. hahaha :p

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Just an Update

It's already September! I can't believe that I've been a (super awesome mega fabulous) college babe for months now! About one more month til the end of the semester. How time flies.. :0 

Okay, here's an update on what's been happening to me so far. I just finished two Midterm Exams and a couple of Long Tests. ADVISORY GRADES! I was like HOW THE HELL  DID THAT HAPPEN??? @__@ I do not understand the criteria of my grades. :)) Oh college, how you make freshies so confuzzled.  Blockmates said my grades are kinda high, but I still think I could do better. :P On the upside, I'm still surviving the weather, forever aloneness and the workload! Yeey!!!

In case you still haven't notice, no fashion-related post this week. I got another Long Test coming up. I need to nerd!! College is so hard to pass. -__- I've been exerting more or less the same amount of effort I did back in high school, but I didn't get as high. -__- sighs. Nerd needs to work out.

College aside, yesterday I was stuck in traffic on the way to Makati. It made me reflect on life. =)) AHAHHAHA it sounds so cheesy.. but yeah. I've been so busy with academics and stuff that I failed to check up on MYSELF. So yeah.. I thought of all the idle people in high school being so active now. I thought of a gameplan if ever life would not permit me to reach my wildest dreams. I thought of my school and how high school was soooooo different. I thought of how things might be like if I altered my decisions. I also thought of my happiness. Status: melancholy and wistful. Aaaaw. :<

On a lighter note, I'm so excited for sembreak!! Our month-long sembreak!! YEHEEYY!!
=)) I already got plans! \m/ Tralalalalalalala~ Here I go again. -__- Planning stuff and being excited about it, but come that time, I'll be such a bum again, like what happens every summer =)) NOOO!!! THAT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!! AHUHUHUHU

I have a very short Christmas break though. Starts Dec 22. :< Goodbye Christmas shopping! Thou shall not expect gifts from me! =)) I won't have a summer vacation too coz I'll be taking ITM and advance Fil classes. :< Aaaaawwww. Oh wellz, that means I can spend a lot of time with my friends after class! YEHEEYY!!!!

So anyways, this ends this. :)) Hopefully, I'll have more time to post something artsy next week! :P