Sunday, September 02, 2012

Just an Update

It's already September! I can't believe that I've been a (super awesome mega fabulous) college babe for months now! About one more month til the end of the semester. How time flies.. :0 

Okay, here's an update on what's been happening to me so far. I just finished two Midterm Exams and a couple of Long Tests. ADVISORY GRADES! I was like HOW THE HELL  DID THAT HAPPEN??? @__@ I do not understand the criteria of my grades. :)) Oh college, how you make freshies so confuzzled.  Blockmates said my grades are kinda high, but I still think I could do better. :P On the upside, I'm still surviving the weather, forever aloneness and the workload! Yeey!!!

In case you still haven't notice, no fashion-related post this week. I got another Long Test coming up. I need to nerd!! College is so hard to pass. -__- I've been exerting more or less the same amount of effort I did back in high school, but I didn't get as high. -__- sighs. Nerd needs to work out.

College aside, yesterday I was stuck in traffic on the way to Makati. It made me reflect on life. =)) AHAHHAHA it sounds so cheesy.. but yeah. I've been so busy with academics and stuff that I failed to check up on MYSELF. So yeah.. I thought of all the idle people in high school being so active now. I thought of a gameplan if ever life would not permit me to reach my wildest dreams. I thought of my school and how high school was soooooo different. I thought of how things might be like if I altered my decisions. I also thought of my happiness. Status: melancholy and wistful. Aaaaw. :<

On a lighter note, I'm so excited for sembreak!! Our month-long sembreak!! YEHEEYY!!
=)) I already got plans! \m/ Tralalalalalalala~ Here I go again. -__- Planning stuff and being excited about it, but come that time, I'll be such a bum again, like what happens every summer =)) NOOO!!! THAT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!! AHUHUHUHU

I have a very short Christmas break though. Starts Dec 22. :< Goodbye Christmas shopping! Thou shall not expect gifts from me! =)) I won't have a summer vacation too coz I'll be taking ITM and advance Fil classes. :< Aaaaawwww. Oh wellz, that means I can spend a lot of time with my friends after class! YEHEEYY!!!!

So anyways, this ends this. :)) Hopefully, I'll have more time to post something artsy next week! :P


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