Friday, September 28, 2012

What I had been up to

AHAHAHA weeee~~ I've been feeling quite inspired lately. Really can't wait for sembreak so I can work on my artsy fartsy projects already!! 8D But for now, nerd mode. 

In other news, next Saturday, I'll be modeling for the mall show of fashion designer (and my mentor for my debut show) Michelle Lim! <3 I'm so flattered. TEE HEE! Can't wait!!!!!! I won't be able to blog about it right away though. Finals week after that weekend! @0@

Just some photos from my phone coz I'm too cool for Instagram. Loljowk =))) 

So pretty <3 Our last chem lab experiment :< aaaww

A funny thing happened some time ago. A wild kitten appeared and slept beside my bag <3 <3 !!! SO KYOT!! MY GOODNEZZ!! We took so many photos of it WITH FLASH but it still wouldn't wake up! AHAHAHA whatta lovely surprise <3 

Secfield after SOMweek. DESTROYED @__@ One rectangular part of the field became albino because of the stage. SO COOL =))

Nuks I'm a film maker now <3 :> =))) Last week, I was recruited as Co-Production Designer for a thesis film of the some seniors (my prod heads!). Sucha stressful and wonderful experience it was! I just couldn't describe how the shoot went with mere words! @0@

Monitor for the camera

There was even a legit clapper! LIKE OMG. AHAHAAHA I wanted to play with it =))

The crew watching the on-going scene

The most fascinating thing ever!! It's the camera set-up!

LOOK! Train tracks for smooth movements!!! SO FREAKIN COOL! I WANT ONE!! AHAHAHA

The camera is a normal DSLR but the lens are ginormous!

LOOK!!!! SO COOL!!!!

I don't know if the seniors are gonna post their film though. If ever they do, Imma post it here too! Just coz I'm proud of it =)) hehehe


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