Sunday, September 16, 2012


Last week was an eventful one! It was SOMweek! It's when all the orgs under the School of Management come together and compete with each other in games, pageants, and stuff. Aside from SOMweek, I also had a long test, projects, film class, org stuff, etc etc. Hayz. I didn't blog last week in the hopes that I'd have more time to think and execute something related to fashion or any art this week.. but noooooo -__- sorreh guys. It's September. The end of the sem is nearing and profs are burying us with heavy work load. But OHOHOHO I have something in mind for next week. OHOHOHOHO =))) clue: taxi. AHOHHOHOHO =)))) Oh and expect me to neglect blogging for a while. Havta focus on le finals to become Dean's Lister! WOOHOOO GAME ON!

Anyways, I brought me amore to school for a couple of days til I gave up hehehe stuff so heavy -__- 

Playing with the projector and my blockmates' silhouettes

Partying at the Rizal Library coz we cool layk that~ =))

blinded :D hehehe

SOM Bazaar! When it was still not muddy =))

Wrap it up! Cooooll! My friend actually designed this logo for some friends of hers and now it's on a tarp! @0@ wala lang. Amused. Bet she's proud. hihihi

Me with my ombre hair =)) participating in games

Block Rep Chris!

This is a cute angle.. :)

Block Rep Chris Tan and his First Lady and Numbah One Supporter <3

Candid photo of Chris! Seeee!! He is capable of having decent candid pictures. hahaha :p


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