Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Cab @ Trinoma!

I mentioned before that this month is hell for me because of school work overload and stuff... but yesterday, I made time to go watch the concert of my favoritest favorite of all time band, The Cab!!!! <3 !!! What made everything better was the person whom I watched it with - Katy!! 8D No, we didn't watch the Maroon 5 + The Cab concert.... <///3 but we settled for them free mall concerts :D which was actually pretty good! :O Here are some of the photos I took! :)

Matching shirts!!! OHOHOHO I customized our shirts for our Entrep Bazaar :> :> THE CAB, PLS COME BACK AGAIN!!!!! SOOOOOONN!!!! <3 <3


Ceciliette said...

a concert on the mall.. that doesnt happen often here..must be preety cool.

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