Wednesday, April 04, 2012

My favorite kind of stripes :)

Le zebra dress :) When I saw the cloth, I fell in love <3 It's thick and furry~ and oh so divine~~~~ <3 <3 Sucha difficult fabric though. Consequently, you have limited clothing variations that you can do.. and so we settled for a normal sweetheart dress. :) Typical as it is, the little details are all that matters :) I had 2 approaches for this. I wore the dress for the show and for my photoshoot. I don't want to wear the exact same thing for both.. soooo diff styling :)

#1. The show~ I felt sabaw when styling for the show. I WANTED to wear the white tiger head. It was a must! And I didn't give a damn what people might say. It's cute with the dress. It matches pa <3 <3

zebra dress + tiger head + cat woman boots + white and silver accessories

#2. Pre-debut shoot~ I think zebra and red is a good combination :) Hence, the outfit. Both zebra and the color red can be quite sexy~, bold, strong. Guess that's what I want the outfit to portray about me. I'm a tough cookie. Sweet and well, tough. :)) Sexy, bold and strong :)

Zebra dress + F21 blazer + red beret + same boots + red leather belt


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