Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Like a virgin~

...touched for the very first time~ =)) 


AHAHAHA Ever since yesterday, my hair's no longer virgin to very corrosive chemicals that ironically make hair aesthetically more beautiful. <3

When I was still a freshman, I dreamt of having red hair coz it's sexy. =)) Not bright red! As in.. predominantly brown but with just a hint of red. Because of really strict school policies, I wasn't able to dye it red. :< I was just limited to coloring the hair of my sketches. ; _ ; sad. But yesterday, I realized that dreams do come true. =)) Shallow, yes. But for a vain girl like me, it's a wonderful thing @U@

Scumbag hair. Is dark when trying to take photo. Turns red when photos are already taken.  -_-"

looks brown =)) uncooperative. When I got up this morning, the first thing that I wanted to do was take photos of my new hair. This explains the out-of-bed look. =))

I'm also in love with another thing. This bright pink MAC lipstick I got as a gift from my cousin. <3 <3 <3 AHIHIHIHI Being close minded to anything besides nude lips, I was surprised that I came to love the very very Barbie pink color :))

Anyways, do you see the redness now? Mumsy said that the color ain't so evident coz my hair was still virgin black. That explains why the stylist was kinda "what the..? Not yet???" when she was checking if the dye already stuck. :P Oh look, hair matches my eyes. :) :)

Trust me when I say it appears redder in person :))


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